Those Who Inspired in 2020

By Layne Bruner – January 11, 2021

When asked if I knew any inspiring people of 2020, a few came to mind immediately. I don’t need to remind you that 2020 was a hot mess express and, while many of us handled it difficulty, some handled it with grace and poise — and you are the ones I am toasting today. 

Single Moms

Single moms somehow dig deep into themselves daily — finding ways to “balance” work, kids, mental health during quarantine and a pandemic. Balancing all of these things while also figuring out virtual schooling and keeping their children engaged is no easy task — but these superheroes manage it every day. 

Nurses and First Responders

There was no question as to if they were going to show up for work during COVID-19. Extra help was needed and nurses and first responders absolutely showed up. Even while our questions about the virus still awaited an answer, they arrived with full protective gear and perseverance, ready to work. In the face of a deadly virus, they take care of us and continue to heal us every day. 


First, they spent their summer learning how to teach children virtually; there was not a handbook or protocol to guide their online curriculum — so they created them. Teaching and keeping children engaged virtually is a difficult feat and all teachers deserve a pat on the back. Now, with online and in-person schooling, these brave souls show up to work with bunches of children, with the goal of continuing a child’s education. 

Small Business Owners

When the world shut down back in March of 2019, everything took a hit — small businesses especially. As small business owners understand the need to protect the community, they were and are still afraid. Many of my friends who own a small business have expressed their concern about the possibility of closing their doors forever. To adapt, some business owners have gotten creative — switching to online and e-commerce platforms to sell services and serve clients. 


Even as we look upon a fresh year with promising horizons, don’t forget to take a moment and recognize those that stood valiantly in the face of 2020. Without you all, we couldn’t have made it through. Thank you! 

Layne Bruner is the Founder of Wellthy Soul and helps adults over 40 lose 20 pounds in eight weeks. After retiring as a professional dancer paired with 20 years in corporate America, Layne took her experience in movement, nutrition, and business and became certified by the American Council of Exercise as a health coach, sports nutrition specialist and fitness instructor. Today Layne lives in South Austin with her husband and two young boys. Work with Layne here.


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