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The Subtle Art of Rejuvenating Your Sad Desk Salad
April 1, 2021
With spring in the air, change is upon us. Switching up routines or products is something to encourage and even celebrate because it keeps your routine exciting. Keep this mantra in mind as I...
Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick
February 1, 2021
“Some people have a regular practice of making New Year resolutions — generally shattering them before January has hidden its cold head out of sight.” – Will Carleton The American poet, Will Carleton, lived...
Those Who Inspired in 2020
January 11, 2021
When asked if I knew any inspiring people of 2020, a few came to mind immediately. I don’t need to remind you that 2020 was a hot mess express and, while many of us...
From Tribulation to Triumph: The Inspiring Story of Thomas Jung
January 1, 2021
Every January, like clockwork, my feed gets flooded with flashy ads whose headlines are all trying to say the same thing: Get inspired for the new year! Get inspired with this new supplement! Get...
The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation
January 1, 2021
Sometimes, the magic works. You get an idea that excites you, invigorates you and makes you feel alive. Other times, you stare at life as if it’s a blank page, and you have a...
Athlete Spotlight: Julia Gschwind
December 15, 2020
Julia Gschwind is a boxer, martial artist, coach, mother and owner of the Austin Women’s Boxing Club in South Austin. Julia was also the San Francisco Golden Gloves Champion in 2000. After years of...
Tough Chick
January 1, 2020
Melinda Vague is one tough cookie. Growing up, she could always be found outside, being active and playing sports. She went on to play tennis and dance, and as an adult, she quickly found...
Sweat Escape
July 31, 2019
A note from the editor: When Jae Kim opened up about his story with me back in April, I knew right away it was a story worthy of being printed in the magazine. If...
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