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Helping Others Reach Their Goals
November 1, 2020
Over the years, I’ve noticed that the times when I am the happiest and feel the most fulfilled is when I am doing something meaningful for someone else. I hear the saying, “You have...
Running with Trail Roots
September 1, 2020
Erik Stanley’s affinity for running first began in elementary school when he would visit his mother in Las Vegas and accompany her during her runs. The duo would play 90s country music and run...
Running Together
April 4, 2020
Austin has great trails, great weather and great people — making it a no-brainer to get out and join a running club. With so many options, we put together a list of the free...
The Power Behind a Hashtag
December 1, 2019
We all have those thoughts of ‘Oh, I wish this wasn’t here, or I wish I had more of this,” says Alma Christensen, describing her personal struggle with body image. “Running with this group...
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