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The Science of Wellness
July 21, 2021
What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of the term wellness? Maybe you picture a woman with long silver hair, dressed in linen taking a leisurely walk on the...
Pranayama: Connecting to the Breath
May 6, 2021
In Sanskrit, prana means life and yama means control. In yoga, we practice pranayama by regulating the breath using specific techniques to achieve a certain result. There are several pranayama exercises, each with its...
Our Pets Are Our Teachers
March 4, 2021
Many of us learn at some point in our practice that yoga is more about the mind than it is about flawlessly moving through asanas. So when our pets follow us to the mat,...
Yoga and Pet Therapy
March 1, 2021
Marissa Rivera enrolled in My Vinyasa Practice’s 200-hour spring yoga teacher training to deepen her practice and help her understand how yoga therapy can be integrated into her practice as a therapist. Rivera is...
Practice Inspiration
January 15, 2021
The New Year is traditionally a mark of a clean slate; a fresh start; an opportunity to begin again. As we wrap up what may have been one of the most confronting years of...
Wellness FAQ with My Vinyasa Practice
December 1, 2020
AFM: What is yoga therapy? MVP: Yoga therapy is complementary to other therapeutic modalities. It leverages the tools found within yoga and mindfulness to work through the different energetic layers of the body to...
Building Community in the Time of a Pandemic
October 29, 2020
The pandemic has undeniably changed the way we yoga, and as a new studio, this has been especially true for us at My Vinyasa Practice. Although our online studio has been active since March...
Workout of the Month with My Vinyasa Practice
August 31, 2020
Meet Shayne, one of the studio teachers for My Vinyasa Practice. To connect with Shayne, check out her IG @shayne_themindfulyogi, or join her in the studio on Monday’s at 12pm.  Root Chakra – Tree...
Diversity and Inclusion at My Vinyasa Practice
August 27, 2020
In support of the BIPOC community, My Vinyasa Practice partnered with Yoga Pose to offer the Yoga Teacher Scholarship in Support of Black Wellness. As a result, over 7,500 BIPOC were gifted access to...
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