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Fitness and Nutrition Tips For Those With Thyroid Problems
August 24, 2022
For those with thyroid issues, everything from menstrual cycles to hair texture can be affected While fitness and nutrition are vital in alleviating symptoms, there are unbeknownst secrets about them (i.e. fitness could possibly...
How the Summertime Affects Our Hormones
May 1, 2022
Summertime is for ice-cold drinks, ocean water views, fresh fruit and chips, but it’s also a time of change. Due to the cruel Texas summers, many have to change their skincare routines and what...
The Pill: All You Need to Know
February 5, 2022
One of the most common forms of birth control arrives in the form of a small, circular pill. Birth control pills come in a wide variety of types resulting in many struggling to understand...
You Don’t Have to Compromise Your Physical Power as You Age
February 1, 2022
Recover stamina, energy and physical endurance for both men and women with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  It’s natural for women and men to experience changes in your physical body as you age. What you...
How Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Support Women’s Hormones
September 1, 2021
Endocrine disorders are very common issues for women, which are often closely related to stress, diet, work and rest. It is believed that hyperinsulinemia is related to increased androgen levels, as well as obesity...
What You Need to Know About Hormonal Birth Control and Transitioning Off the Pill
July 1, 2021
If you’ve ever pulled out the paper slip in a birth control box, unfolded the massive paper and thought, “Wow, those are a lot of side effects,” you’re not alone. Hormonal birth control is...
5 Hormone-Altering Chemicals That Have a Negative Effect on the Endocrine System
June 1, 2021
If it has been a while since human biology class, the endocrine system may not be as familiar to you as the respiratory system or the circulatory system. The endocrine system is a group...
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