Summer Picnic Essentials

By Emily Metzger – June 19, 2021

Whether with friends or a significant other, picnics have always been a great way to spend time with those you love while being outdoors. Taking time to unplug and enjoy a meal in a serene environment can be a natural, pleasurable mood-booster. 

To ease the load of planning a picturesque, outdoor picnic, we’ve rounded up a few unique essentials and ideas you’ll want to add to your wicker basket. 

Picnic Set

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It’s time to throw out the heavy, old picnic basket and upgrade to a picnic set that can carry all outdoor dining necessities. This collapsible picnic basket serves as both a cooler and heat insulator. It also provides adequate storage for utensils, plates and wine glasses. The product can be easily purchased through Amazon and actually includes its very own plates, napkins, stainless steel utensils and acrylic wine glasses. This must-have picnic set will make preparing and cleaning your picnic a walk in the park. 

Bamboo Utensils

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Opting for more eco-friendly utensils can help decrease your carbon footprint whilst simply enjoying your meal. This bamboo disposable cutlery is biodegradable, compostable and sustainable. This product can also be purchased through Amazon and is the perfect renewable alternative with a flavorless taste. Mitigate your single-use plastic pollution by investing in these washable and reusable bamboo utensils, perfecting the ideal eco-responsible picnic. 

Blank Slate

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Having a board game or a card game on deck at a picnic can be great, especially for large groups. The new game called Blank Slate has been gaining lots of popularity recently. Much like Scattergories, the game is perfect for all ages. It is easy to learn and fun to see who thinks alike and who does not. The game does not require tiny pieces, only mini whiteboards, which are ideal when playing outside on the ground.   


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A happy hour is not complete without a charcuterie board filled with delicious cheeses, crackers, fruits and meats. If you’re desiring a more intimate, one-on-one picnic, charcuterie boards are always a great staple because of the unique variety. However, with all the board ideas and DIYs, it can be overwhelming to create your own. Luckily services like Casero, an Austin-based to-go charcuterie company, can ease the pain. Through their website, you can order one of their many different-sized cheese platters or opt for creating your own. Casero uses products from local and regional producers right here in Texas that will be sure to make your tastebuds happy. 

Let Them Eat Cake! (in a wine glass)

The hack of cutting cake using wine glasses has officially gone viral on TikTok. Instead of slicing and placing a piece of cake on a plate, friends can scoop out their own. This hack means no more knives, fewer dishes to clean and everyone can portion to their own liking. Just be sure to use sturdy glasses and keep the cake room temperature so it is easy to cut through. 


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Picnics are the perfect time to be present and live in the moment. Not mindlessly scrolling through social media or replying to emails, but simply enjoying the people and scenery around you. Since most use their phones to take pictures, a great alternative to minimize the temptation of going on your device while still being able to capture memories is a Polaroid. There are so many different kinds of Polaroids available with customizable film to choose from. Unlike disposable cameras, you do not have to wait three weeks for the film to be developed. Instead, you can have pictures printed within seconds and share them with all the people at the picnic. Plus summer photoshoots with friends are always a good mood booster!


One of the greatest parts about picnics is not only the precious moments in nature and with those you love, but its versatility for any occasion. It can be aesthetically pleasing with charcuterie boards, flowers, and baguettes on a hand-sewn quilt. It can also be picking up a pizza and simply laying down on a beach towel. No matter what a picnic consists of for you, it is a great summer activity to enjoy with friends and family. Hopefully, some of these essential products or ideas have sparked interest in taking time to create a picnic of your own. 


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