How to Reignite Your Inner Athlete without Weights or Running

By Sponsored: John's Gym – December 24, 2021

Were you ever on an athletic team in Middle School or High School? 

It doesn’t have to be the “main sports” like Basketball, Football, Baseball, or Hockey. It could have been intramural sports. 

Those were great times, right?

Being on a team, hanging out with your friends/teammates, playing other schools, or within your school for intramurals, those were great times.

But as you get older and have to deal with responsibilities like holding down a job, bills, relationships, kids etc we tend to find less activities that are fun to do and a great workout.

Sure, there’s CrossFit or Bootcamps, but what if I told you there was a better and more fun way to get fit and Reignite Your Inner Athlete without weights or running?

John’s Gym is the best kept secret in Austin…until now. 

John’s Gym was started in 2010 to give people, just like yourself, a way to be a part of a community, while getting in shape, and reigniting your inner athlete.

At John’s Gym we train differently.

There’s classes for you in Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and MMA in a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. They also have Kids Martial Arts classes in Jiu Jitsu aswell.

I’ve seen many social media posts of John’s Gym members who wear heart rate monitors during training and they’re burning 800-1000 calories an hour…while having fun and learning something new.

Imagine learning something new while getting into shape…

That’s what hooked me after my first class.

I get to learn how to defend myself in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere, and sweat my behind off more than I ever had before. 

Some teammates say that coming to John’s Gym is their “therapy” because many of them spend time at a desk or behind a screen. 

Getting that non-work social fun while training together and pushing each other in a positive atmosphere makes a difference. 

Sometimes work gets stressful and you have pent up energy…why not come and hit a bag and relieve some of that stress? 

Get all your stress out at John’s Gym, then go home. You’ll notice a difference, believe me.

What’s also great is John’s Gym doesn’t throw you into an all-levels class where you’re mixed in with the Amateur and Pro Athletes that train there.

They have beginner classes for people just like you and I. 

John’s Gym is not a place where you come in with your earphones in your ear and leave the same way. I’ve seen that at all the lifting gyms I’ve been a part of.

At John’s Gym you are a part of a community. 

They partner you up with a fellow teammate to work drills and even have the ability to spar with your teammates if you want to take your training to that level, although not necessary.

Sounds fun right?

I’ve been a member of many of the gyms we all know…Gold’s Gym, 24hr Fitness, Fitness Connection, Fitness 19, Anytime Fitness…but I always canceled my membership basically looking the same way as when I joined.

Sure I’d have some early success, but after awhile, just lifting a weight and putting it back down got boring to me. Maybe you can relate?

At John’s Gym every class is run by a coach that’s there to guide you so you’re doing the techniques right, and if you are a beginner you’ll be working with a coach that focuses on fundamental movements so you have a solid foundation.

What’s great about that is you get guidance along your fitness journey. 

And these are new skills you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

It’s not just about losing weight and feeling younger – that’s going to come as long as you show up.

The community at John’s Gym is what makes it more than a gym.

It could be the gym parties at the gym, or a gym member who invites the class to their house for a UFC watch party, for example.

It could be the giving back to the community with the Sheriff’s Brown Santa program John’s Gym does yearly.

But what really touched me was when one of our teammates was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. 

Our gym family rallied to support their family with donations, food, and other needed items. 

You’re not going to find that level of community just anywhere.

With each of us spending more and more time separated by others, and often working behind a screen for 8hrs a day, it’s nice to know there’s a place where you can feel welcome, relieve some stress, and be a part of a giving community.

If you haven’t tried out John’s Gym and you made it to this far, I invite you to visit and schedule a trial class

I think you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about.

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