How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

By Layne Bruner – November 4, 2020

Holidays are full of joy and tradition and are considered the best time of the year for so many of us. Regardless of COVID-19 and managing all of the “new normals”, we will still be faced with the traditional array of holiday food and drink. Seasonal parties are usually accompanied with sugary foods and drinks that can wreak havoc on our bodies. Here are a few suggestions to keep you feeling focused, energized and balanced this holiday season.

1. Have a holiday party in the evening?

According to Nutrisystem, 76% of Americans are already facing a 16-pound weight gain due to the pandemic, so, knowing that the holidays are also a time of weight gain, maintaining or lowering your body mass index (BMI) during this time will be a very healthy decision (2021 will thank you later).


Before you leave the house, make a nutritious meal full of macro-nutrients — this will make you feel full which will in turn help you avoid binging on the party snacks that are often full of sugar and additives.

2. Acceptable Party Snacking

The closer to the holidays, the bigger the chance that the tables at any holiday event are going to be filled with chocolate-covered snacks, cookies, processed foods and so many more tempting options that will not help you to burn fat. To keep your cravings at bay, follow a few of these easy rules and snack smart:

  1. Choose a small plate then look at all of the food options. 
  2. Load three-fourths of your plate with fruits, veggies and lean protein. On the other fourth of your plate you can add one or two sweet treats. 
  3. Once you finish the food on that plate, throw it away and get yourself some iced water.
  4. Still hungry? After the party, head straight home to a healthy snack.

3. Alcohol

If you drink alcohol, the holidays may be a time that your intake increases due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), stress around finances, and additional social events. Not only is alcohol full of sugar — it is also a depressant. Be sure to break up your drinks with water and stay in control of your intake. Just remember: one drink, then one water. 


If you fall off track, don’t allow days to go by without resetting your body. One party or meal will not throw out all of your healthy habits! You can regain control in the next meal or the following day. And remember: finding the balance between traditional holiday foods and nutritious food is not impossible. Plan ahead and be mindful when making choices each day and at each event.


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