Austin Artists for Your Workout Playlist

By AFM Team – October 1, 2020

Austin is full of local artists, and since the opportunity to discover a new band or sound at an in-person concert has been postponed (for now), we’ve made a few playlists of local artists and bands we think you might like. Each playlist is full of diverse sounds and styles, so browse through and find some local bands to add to your own workout playlists. Follow our Spotify, to keep up to date when we add new songs or make new playlists!

Jogging (upbeat)

      Keep On by Jackie Venson 

      One and Only by TC Superstar

      Flower by Sasha and the valentines

      Entrance Song by The Black Angels

      Push by Melat

      Blue Velvet by Nané

      Enough by The Bright Light Social Hour

      Fire by Black Pumas

      Flipped Switch by Mean Jolene

      Monsters by Los Coast

      Lazy Bones by Baby in the 90s

      Pay Me No Mind by Alesia Lani 

      Bob Dylan’s 78thHangover by Harvest Thieves

      Lemons by Nine Blind Men and the Tiger

      After Dark by Mr. Kitty

      Another Way by Modern Medicine

      Dave Dudley by Rattlesnake Milk

      Mission by Queue Queue

      Nobody’s Favourite by Mobley

      Wait by The Digital Wild

      Drastic Measures by Bayonne

      Hurricane by Possessed by Paul James

      Kaleidoscope by Ringo Deathstar

      Go Wrongs by Socha

      Waterparker by Botany

      It’s Horrible!! By Kidlat

      This World is Not Yours by Chalkboards

      September by Eternal Something

      Hot Mess by Belcurve

      Hot Car by Being Dead

Lifting/Intervals (intense chords/strong beat)

      Witchcraft by Jackie Venson 

      Black Grease by The Black Angels 

      Wicked by Merry Jane & the Fondas

      XIII by Mr. Kitty 

      Solo by Mobley

      Man Boy by Queue Queue

      Athlete by Why Bonnie

      Mission Control by Modern Medicine

      They Say by The Digital Wild

      Stare at the Sun by Ringo Deathstar

      Singsontune by Luvweb

      Get That by Chucky Blk ft Soul Food Horns

      Get Me Going by Risky Motion

      Realm Zone by Eternal Something

      Once We Die by Botany

      Thrasher Hat by Camp Life

      1000s of Years by The Oysters

      Room 702 by Rare Magic

      Deridium Rail by Thousand Foot Whale Claw

 Cool Down/Stretching (mellow) 

      Miles by Christelle Bofale 

      Toyota Corolla by TC Superstar

      Green by Sasha and the Valentines 

      Colors—Acoustic by Black Pumas

      To the moon by Redbud

      Holy Roller by Modern Medicine

      A Change is Gonna Come by Los Coast ft. Gary Clark Jr. 

      Cut It Close by stunts 

      Discotheque by Sun June

      Turtles, Pt. 2 by The Oysters

      The Ice Queen by Sue Foley

      You Shall Not Pass by Slug ft Chucky Blk, Nafets

      Fools Moon by Lolita Lynne

      Wtt by The Diamond Center

      Always On My Mind by Nané

      Goodbye Too Soon by The Irons 

      Jetplane by Why Bonnie

      Seagoat by Eternal Something

      Sorrow by RG Lowe

      Realize by Loafer

      When It Breaks by Possessed by Paul James

      Long Low Down by Whiskey Shivers

      The Bear (Trio) by Matt the Electrician 

      The Magic of Turning by Future Museums 

      Norton Anthologies and Love by Linen Closet


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