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By Monica Brant – November 1, 2022
Brian Fitzsimmons

After a tough year of great trainers who were all eager to kick my butt, AFM and I decided that I could use a recovery day. So, we headed to “Recover Mo’s Butt” at CryoFit Recovery & Wellness off Camp Craft Road.

CryoFit is a full-body recovery and wellness center that has been pioneering prevention and performance in Austin since 2012. After researching different therapies, CryoFit strategically chose five modalities that, when combined, can speed up recovery and amplify results. 

After I contacted them about Kick Mo’s Butt, they designed a customized recovery and wellness regimen to recover my body as fast as possible so I could return to living a full life. The mission at CryoFit is simple — they help people live better, healthier lives by allowing them to be active and properly energized. 

Monica doing CryoFIt.

I started with compression therapy (CT), which increases the rate at which blood flows back to the heart. This helps quickly accelerate the body’s natural process to absorb the elements that typically cause soreness and fatigue in muscles. CT also eliminates metabolic waste, like lactic acid, faster than other traditional modes of recovery or even rest. The benefits of CT even increase when combined with whole-body cryotherapy. Plus, CT feels amazing while compressing, and CryoFit provides comfortable, zero-gravity chairs for this modality. Can we say adult nap time anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes? 

Following CT, I went for a CryoFit whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) session. Cryotherapy is noninvasive and triggers the body’s natural response of fight or flight, which accelerates recovery and decreases inflammation in the body. After just three minutes of cold exposure, you notice an energy boost and relief of muscular and joint pain. Other benefits of cryotherapy include better sleep, increased metabolism and flexibility, and a mood boost.

Following WBC, I waited for the skin to return to room temperature. During this time, I opted for some “me” time in the full-spectrum, infrared saunas. 

Monica in sauna.

Full-spectrum, infrared saunas combine near, mid and far wavelengths to provide detoxification at three different skin depths. This couldn’t be more necessary, considering that we’re exposed to around 80,000 chemicals daily, according to NYHealth. Other benefits of infrared therapy include relief of joint pain and stiffness, stimulation of metabolism, increased weight loss and skin purification. But one of my favorite benefits is the opportunity to relax and relieve stress. Typically, I plan 30 to 45 minutes for the sauna. 

Finally, I sat in another comfortable chair and was attached to an IV drip infusion. For max hydration, soft tissue repair and immune system support, CryoFit gave me a combination of the BodyQuencher and the BodyGuard IV.  

IV therapy infuses vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream so the body can absorb these supplements at higher levels than if they were taken orally. Though there are many opposing views on IV therapy, many wellness companies use IV drips to increase energy, support the immune system, provide immediate hydration, recover from hangovers or jet lag, and prepare for or recover from a race or competition. If you choose to do this therapy, you’ll want to set aside 30 to 45 minutes for “drip” time. 

CryoFit’s proprietary formulas are designed to deliver maximum results for every client to feel the CryoFit difference. After opening the first two locations in Austin and San Antonio in 2014, founder Brian Balli franchised the model in 2016 to help people lead better pain-free lives.

Monica and Brian.

With 10 locations around the country, CryoFit is currently under construction with four more locations, including two in the Austin area. The one in Bee Caves is scheduled to open at the end of 2022, and Cedar Park in the second quarter of 2023. If you haven’t incorporated a recovery regimen after your workouts, it’s time! 

Head over to check out CryoFit at any of their great locations. I know you’ll get addicted just like me! The spas are always clean, and there’s helpful staff to answer any questions you may have. 

Be sure to tell them Mo sent ya, and happy recovery!


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