KMB: HEAT Bootcamp

By Monica Brant – November 1, 2021

It’s been over 10 years since I was first invited to work alongside Austin Fit Magazine with the “Kick Mo’s Butt” feature, which ran for a three-year-straight adventure. A little fun fact is my very first feature was held with HEAT (High Energy Athletic Training) Bootcamp and founder/head trainer, Cody Butler. Cody easily became a good friend, and over the years, we even hosted a few of my women’s fitness events together. 

Originally, HEAT was founded in 2006, making it one of the most tenured studios in Austin. Then, it was moved to a different location, but was easy to access and had a large assortment of great exercise tools. However, Cody doesn’t need much to put together fun and challenging sessions. He is a genius and very educated on all things fitness. 

The current location hosts over 45 classes per week with unique blends of HIIT, strength and cardio all wrapped into one 45-60 minute kick-butt workout while also providing both group fitness and personal training led by 12 of the top trainers in Austin.

As I maneuvered through 2021 with KMB features, I knew, without a doubt, I had to book a session with Cody at his new location on 1st Street.

Monica (carrying her dog), Cody and Daisa posing and smiling.

Arriving at HEAT was simple and there seems to be plenty of parking for everyone. My goddaughter, Daisa, was able to attend with me and we fueled up early with our preferred pre-workout product, BeetElite by HumanN.

Cody met us at the door with his signature warm smile, and we got started right away.

True to HEAT’s classes, or as Cody likes to call them, “camps,” our 13 exercises utilized all the tools included in HEAT’s arsenal: TRX, Bosu, kettlebell, free weights, barbells and body weight.

Exercises 1 & 2:

Cody started us off with two TRX challenges: plank to pike and L sit pull ups. Cody even joined us for the L sit pull ups — it’s always more fun to workout with friends! This was the first time Daisa has performed these exercises, and we were super impressed that she could achieve them so easily. Of course, Cody is a terrific coach, so she had the information and the strength.

Monica and Daisa exercising with their legs lifted in the air.

Exercise 3:

Moving on from TRX we went into some ball slams supersetting with box jumps. Anything jumping makes me happy! I absolutely LOVE feeling athletic. 

Cody made sure we really SLAMMED the ball too and that also is a delight – it feels good to slam something as hard as possible. I am assuming we all need to allow ourselves this opportunity considering the added stresses in life nowadays. 

Exercise 4:

Since I had a partner, Cody gave us a fun “banded partner plank lateral” movement that challenged our core and made us giggle too. 

Monica and Daisa exercising.

Exercise 5:

So that we could continue utilizing the available tools, we moved into a kettlebell swing and Cody joined the fun for this one too. These are so good for full body engagement but especially the bootie.

Exercise 6:

This next exercise we found ourselves on knees and pressing a bar held in a landmine attachment for a shoulder press. I have not done this one on my knees before and found it to be more challenging than standing where one could use leg strength to move the weight. I will be adding this to my personal exercise list.

Exercise 7:

Staying on our knees but moving to the Bosu ball with a wide knee stance to activate the inner thighs (adductors) and adding a dumbbells biceps curl was a great combo. Balance and strength were clearly important.

Monica and Daisa using dumbbells while on their knees.

Exercise 8:

Once again Cody brought some extra fun to the workout and had us play a game, and Daisa ended up winning! We had to plank from an upside down Bosu and stick a small ball into the ‘hole’ on the bottom of the Bosu. Super fun and after two or three tries, I ended up making it happen. It required small and slow movements to get the ball to fall in place and stay. We totally forgot we were exercising. 

Exercise 9:

Weighted (I chose my miniature Dachshund, Camy, to be my “weight” and at 11 pounds it added perfect amount to this exercise), leg circled (banded) squats were up next and we went to work.

Exercise 10:

This one brought us to the more weighted/formal PT room where there are some cables, and the exercise was a squat and row combo — perfect for all posterior chain muscles.

Monica and Daisa exercising while Cody coaches them.

Exercise 11:

Keeping with the posterior chain, cable kickbacks were in place which made for tight buns!

Exercise 12:

Moving to the anterior of our body, we focused on some box v-ups supersetting knees and straight legs.

Exercise 13:

Our last exercise went back to full body with this exercise being a lateral box step up and over movement challenging our lungs and legs after the full-hour workout.

I loved the diversity of movements and, of course, this is exactly what the expert coaches at HEAT offer its members.

To help members from over training, HEAT focuses each day on different body parts. For instance:

Monday – Butt, Legs and Core
Tuesday – Chest, Back and Arms
Wednesday – Full Body
Thursday, Friday and Sat – repeat the above

What a terrific way to separate the week for everyone. This concept is key!

Overall, I absolutely loved my reunion with Cody at HEAT, and I definitely had my bootie kicked! The workout fits the name perfectly: High Energy Athletic Training.

If you are looking for a new location to try out, I challenge you to make your way to HEAT.

They were running a trial offer: 30 days for $75. Ask Cody if he will honor the Kick Mo’s Butt feature trial offer mentioned — tell him you read it here!

As always, Stay Fit and Love Life!

Monica Brant,


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