7 Sneaky Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Kara Reynolds – May 1, 2022

If you’re sick and tired of cold weather, look no further — summer is finally here!

Changing temperatures means you can dehydrate more quickly. Letting yourself get too thirsty can have adverse health effects. Here are seven sneaky ways to stay hydrated this summer. 

1. Eat More Fresh Fruit

A bowl of fresh fruit.

Summer means that certain fruit comes into season, and the timing couldn’t be better. Some of your favorite refreshers can help you keep hydrated. For example, watermelons are 92% water and low in calories, letting you indulge in your heart’s desire while slaking your thirst. 

Some plant-based foods go even further to help keep you healthy in the summer. For example, peaches are another hydrating fruit. They also contain high levels of beta carotene, an antioxidant your body converts to vitamin A. This substance is vital for protecting your skin from sun damage, helping you prevent wrinkles. 

2. Enjoy a Popsicle or Shaved Ice


Summer means all things frozen become delightful. You can enjoy flavor and hydration from indulging in popsicles or shaved ice. Most of what you consume is water, and the coolness of the food could help drop your core body temperature if you feel overheated. 

You can find plenty of commercial versions, many of them weighing in with as few as 10 calories per pop. However, you can also add a nutritious twist when you DIY. 

You can soak fruit in water overnight before adding a natural sweetener like monk fruit. The process imparts many nutrients from the fruit into the water without adding extra calories. You can also find plenty of recipes for popsicles online that weigh in at less than 100 calories apiece. 

3. Freeze Your Water Bottle 

Bottle of water with ice.

Summer’s high temperatures can make even the chilliest beverage warm before you can enjoy it. While you might tolerate lukewarm water when parched, it doesn’t invite the kind of regular sipping that keeps you hydrated. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: freeze your water bottle. You can even use the rate it defrosts to remind you when to sip. 

4. Wake Up and Slake

A glass of water.

Do you keep a glass of water on your bedside table? If so, why not add a twist of lemon and chug that puppy as soon as you wake up? According to the Cleveland Clinic, doing so wakes up your digestion and provides a healthy dose of antioxidants to boot. 

Are you in the habit of skipping breakfast? If you follow a periodic fasting eating pattern, you might. However, you can still drink as long as you avoid solid foods. A morning glass of OJ or milk starts your day with hydration. 

5. Swap a Coffee for Herbal Tea

A cup of tea. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your morning go-juice. Although coffee is a diuretic, it would take five or more cups of high-octane stuff before you start to dehydrate from excess consumption. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your overall hydration levels by swapping one cup for herbal tea. 

Keep in mind that the variety of tea you choose matters — green, black and white varieties from the Camillia Sinensis plant contain some caffeine. Herbal teas, conversely, have none. However, they can address various health issues. Folks with anxiety might gravitate to passionflower and lemon balm, while new mamas hoping to increase their milk supply opt for fenugreek. 

6. Eat More Salsa 

Chips and salsa.

North America’s friends south of the border know a thing or two about staying hydrated in the heat. Upping your salsa consumption helps slake thirst in two ways. One, it usually contains oodles of tomatoes, which have an impressive water content of over 94%

Another way salsa slakes your thirst is by making you crave the wet stuff. If you like it spicy, you know one way to cool your tongue is with a refreshing beverage. As long as you make it non-alcoholic, you’ll increase your hydration quotient. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, and it’s best to avoid it in the heat. 

7. Use a Straw 

Jar of water with straw.

You tend to drink more through a straw than by sipping. The explanation may be nothing more than you’re not worried about spilling your beverage all over your blouse by chugging too fast, letting it dribble. 

If you’re skeptical, try an experiment. Use your straw with your water bottle for a day and watch how quickly you find yourself making those bottom-of-the-barrel slurping noises. 

Dehydration becomes more of a danger in the summer. It can lead to adverse health effects like headaches and nausea, robbing your focus ability. However, you don’t have to turn into a camel to meet your daily liquid quota. Use the seven sneaky ways to stay hydrated this summer. 


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