AFM’s 13th Annual Fittest Dogs

By AFM Team – March 1, 2022
Brian Fitzsimmons

Meet 10 of Austin’s fittest canine residents.



Remus running.

Remus likes to prove that small dogs can do it all! At nearly 6 years old, Remus became the fourth-fastest Pomeranian for 2021 in FastCat — his first year competing. He also loves scent work, dock diving, rally and is trying his paw at a barn hunt in 2022. Remus is always ready to adventure — whether it’s dog brunch with friends, hiking with his big dog siblings or traveling to a competition. While he’s earned 12 titles throughout quarantine, he’s most importantly the best medical alert service dog for his mom! 



Panda jumping through a hoop.

Austin Dog Rescue saved Panda from the streets of Lockhart when he was six months old. He came home with his family at age one and has been an invaluable addition to the family ever since. Often learning tricks on the first try, Panda always needs a job and is very attentive, as long as there aren’t any squirrels around. Panda loves to jump through hoops or onto his owners’ backs, herd his kitty and run alongside the family’s mountain bikes in the Greenbelt.



Summer and owner walking.

When Summer isn’t snuggling on the couch with her mama, she can most often be found on the streets and trails of Austin on her daily run. She ran a whopping 1,632 miles last year! This is no small feat considering that in 2018, Summer struggled with aggressive reactivity, which limited her ability to do the things she loved. With months of training and lots of patience, she slowly regained her ability to regulate and now happily enjoys camping trips, hiking in Colorado and even kayaking on the lakes.


Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter jumping.

At a stout, 55 pounds, Peanut Butter’s fitness favorites are tug-o-war with his dad and carrying big sticks. He’s perfected his “place” command, thanks to Dog Training Elite, and can hop onto anything, even a fire hydrant! What he lacks in agility, he makes up in brute strength and speed as he races around the yard doing zoomies. He gets his family’s cardio fix, running 5-plus miles through the hills of Austin and Walnut Creek. He’s a total flirt and loves everything and everyone — don’t be scared when he barrels in to say hi!



Tito chasing after a ball.

Tito was a Craigslist find, listed as a “Corgi mix.” Ball is definitely life for Tito. If there’s none in his mouth, he’s either chasing one in the yard or at Zilker, regardless of whether or not they’re his. His favorite trail is Hill Of Life where he loves to sprint into the falls and fling himself into the water where he will swim for hours. His downtime consists of taking all his toys from his basket and hiding them. Oh, and he’s named after the character from Rocket Power, not the vodka — sorry to disappoint.



Sterling sitting.

This handsome beast hails from Canada, The Great White North, but made his move to Austin in the midst of the pandemic. Sterling has endured weather 40 degrees below zero in the winters and has broken both of his front legs, which are now reinforced with titanium plates after several surgeries. This trooper is loving his new life in Austin with his brother Gibson — the two make quite the pair; Sterling is the muscle and Gibson is the speed, clocking in speeds of over 30 mph.



Maui walking.

In April 2019, Maui and her eight siblings were born and brought into the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue. She loves to hike and travel with her mom. She has been to Hot Springs, Arkansas and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Her favorite hiking in Austin is Turkey Creek Trail. She loves being outdoors and playing with other dogs, especially with her friends at Taurus Academy. During hot summers, she enjoys hanging her head out the window on car rides and getting her paws into the water. Maui is a fan of the beach, especially with her aunt. Being a fan of the Austin FC team, she gears up and watches games with Mom. 



Eloise posing on rocks.

Eloise is proud to represent disabled dogs! Born deaf and having lost her sight at age two, Eloise also wins the adaptability award. Her adventurous spirit was never shaken! Whether it is socials at Zilker Park, paddle boarding on the lake or being the cutest climbing wall mascot, Eloise loves meeting new people. In 2019, she was certified as a therapy dog. Her favorite volunteer work involves walks around UT’s campus providing pre-final stress relief to students. After a day of activities, you can catch Eloise joining her mom for a study sesh and much-needed coffee boost.



Turkey sitting.

The rumors are true: Corgi butts do shake and shimmy when they run, and this corgi sure does know how to put on a show! Turkey is a fetching machine — on land and water! Don’t let his small stature fool you because this cutie can keep up with the big dogs. He can outrun, outlast and outbark any other dog at the park. Turkey enjoys boat rides during the summer, hiking with his parents and playing with his fur brother. When he’s not playing or running, you can find Turkey begging for treats or curled up under his loved one’s feet.



Kanan chasing a ball.

Meet Kanan, the tiger-striped, 3-year-old boxer lab mix. Unlike the villain “Kanan Stark,” Kanan is friendly, loyal and energetic. Fitness is a large part of his mom’s life, and Kanan naturally joined in. To Kanan, fitness is not a casual walk. He goes for long, early morning runs through The Domain, hikes Turkey Creek Trail or runs alongside his mom on a roller-blade excursion through Walnut Creek. He also enjoys swimming at Lady Bird Lake. He loves soccer and has become adept at “nosing” the ball across the goal line. Kanan is the go-to guy if you’re trying to hit your cardio goals!


Congratulations to all of the winners this year!


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