KMB — back in April 2021!

By Monica Brant – March 5, 2021

What a wild week in the Austin/San Antonio area! As I write this, we are just coming off of a record-breaking week in Texas. I am sure it is safe to say we have never experienced so much cold, snow, ice and extended days of it. It almost felt like I was living in the northeast! 

Early in the week, to entertain ourselves, I insisted that my hubs help me create a snowman. However, ours was more like a mound than a man. The snow didn’t want to stick together so we couldn’t pack it into a ball and roll it, as we did growing up. 

And, because I missed running outside, I added some colorful running shoes to his snowy legs that made him look like he was sitting on the lawn, instead of standing, with his legs stretched out in front of him. We topped him off with a carrot nose, red grapes curved into a smile and eyes plus a bright green cap that gave Mr. Snowmound an athletic appearance. Finishing him with skinny stick arms, he seemed to enjoy waving to our brave neighbors as they made their way cautiously in the snow for a short exercise.

This was certainly a week to remember, complete with loss of power and water; thankfully, I am one to prep some. Luckily, in SA, we were set with needed supplies.

The weekend prior, we had guests in from California and when they could not fly out Sunday, we enjoyed their company during the crazy weather and the 4 of us made the most of it, even though we all missed a lot of work and at times, that can feel overwhelming knowing it will need to be made up when things settle back in. 

In my faith, scripture tells us not to worry about tomorrow as today has enough trouble of its own! So, we decided to focus on the things we could do at the moment and enjoy each other’s company while we could. 

One of the missed appointments for me was shooting the March: Kick Mo’s Butt feature at one of Austin’s finest.  

AFM and I had an incredibly fun and challenging KMB feature shoot scheduled and I was certainly looking forward to the tough workout and learning new exercises or techniques while training. Side note, I am a learner at heart, and I make sure to take something away during my sessions each time. 

For instance, I learned some valuable new dynamic warm-up movements during my January session with Onnit’s fierce coach, Juan Leija (can his legs be any bigger or more symmetrical?). 

And during my February session at Knockout Kickboxing, I worked on a heavy bag for the first time in my life! Brandon gave me some new moves I can practice on my Kickboxing coach down here in SA when I can train with him.

If you are looking for some new locations to grab great sessions from, both individual or group, be sure to grab some sessions at both Onnit and Knockout and tell them Mo sent ya. 

Be watching as, in April, I’ll be back at it and will have another fantastic session to write about … assuming we will not have more snow the week I am planning to train!

Here’s to new experiences and having the best attitude possible to enjoy life’s curvy highway!


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