Ambassador’s Corner: Lifespring Chiropractic Recap

By Sydney Torabi – December 1, 2021

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We are putting the spotlight on another local gem to share in our quest to capture the many offerings Austin holds. This month’s tour brought us to Lifespring Chiropractic, where you can be cared for throughout your athletic journey.

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Let me start by saying, “This is your sign!” As a former competitive swimmer, I have seen so many chiropractors over the years, and not one has impacted my life in such a positive way as Dr. Matt Delgato has at Lifespring Chiropractic.

I grew up a swimmer and, over the years, had developed some shoulder and back pain. During my swimming career, I saw countless chiropractors, and although they were all decent experiences, none of them had ever taken the time to explain why they were helping me or what they were even doing.

After being a patient of Dr. Matt for three years now, I have stopped looking for a chiropractor. One thing that sets Lifespring Chiropractic apart is their knowledge of the body and how they explain it. It can feel overwhelming to find the right doctor with intentions to help you on your recovery journey. Still, after you meet the team at Lifespring, you’ll understand why they make that experience so effortless. Dr. Matt created his practice because of his love for natural medicine and healing people. It sounds like a simple concept, but if your story is anything like mine, you’ll understand that not all chiropractors have the same intentions.


The moment I met Dr. Matt, I knew he was genuine – just one of those gut feelings or because of my prior experiences with sports therapy professionals. During your first consultation, he sets aside a chunk of time to do a full-body assessment. He creates a game plan for treatment and gives you the tools outside of the Lifespring walls to start making the change necessary to get your body back to a place where it’s at its prime.

When you see a “typical” chiropractor, it’s pretty standard. You go in, get a back and neck adjustment, and leave. There’s no personalization when it comes to the traditional practitioner, and our bodies and ailments vary drastically depending on our age, gender, genetics and personal lifestyles. Lifespring takes the time to focus only on making the necessary adjustments, which is why so many of his patients have seen great success.

I started seeing Dr. Matt for an ankle injury. My initial treatment was two times a week for three months. Even though my swimming years are well past, I still consider myself an athlete and train almost every day in some capacity. One of the many things I learned from Dr. Matt was how important recovery is for our bodies. After we worked together to fix my ankle injury, I felt as though I didn’t need to see him as much. Now, I see him two to three times a month for a full-body tuneup.

There are many other ways to add self-care into our routine, but why is seeing the chiropractor not a part of it? We work out, eat healthy, drink water and do all these things regularly, but the idea of seeing the chiropractor is an afterthought.

While not everyone has the means to add seeing the chiropractor to their routine, there are ways to incorporate this act of self-care by adjusting a few other aspects of your life. On the flip-side, if you do have the means, what’s stopping you? When you find a good thing, you make it a priority! Now, it’s your job to take that next step toward holistically bettering your health.

Going to Lifespring regularly has shifted my lifestyle to keep recovery at the top of my mind. We can work out all we want, but if we get injured, then the workout and healthy eating don’t matter all that much. Creating a well-rounded lifestyle is vital when it comes to longevity and balance.  If you’re curious to see what makes Lifespring Chiropractic so great, I’d recommend booking a consultation.

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Sydney Torabi is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist in her hometown of Austin, Texas. As a former collegiate swimmer for The University of Texas, current Under Armour-Sponsored Athlete and Women’s Health Coach, her passion lies in health and wellness, and she showcases that as much as possible through her online platform and coaching clients. Follow her on Instagram @spinsyddy for daily inspiration and some good laughs!

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