How To: Have a Healthy Food Relationship

By Kelsey – April 1, 2011

Good, healthy eating is necessary for feeling (and looking) good. But it’s hard to be a good, healthy eater when you’re discouraged with your job hunt, ending a relationship or dealing with any of life’s emotionally draining events. For these times, sometimes half a pizza or a bucket of queso seems necessary.

The cruel thing is that when you reward yourself with food, or take comfort in a pint of ice cream after each bad day, you’re doing more harm than just an extra thousand calories.

Check out this post from Joyce Cherrier for 4 Ways To End A Bad Food Relationship. In it, she explores how to restructure your reward systems and comfort methods for a healthier life for you, your family and your friends.

Here’s a snippet:

1. Food does not equal happiness: Although it can be a great way to enjoy socializing with family and friends, if you’re bummed out and think to yourself ”I’ll feel better if I have this pile of nachos” then your relationship with food is off. You won’t feel better because you’ll finish the pile and will still have the same reason you’re bummed plus an additional reason. Don’t do it!

How do you rate your food relationship?


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