How ’bout Them Apples?

By Caroline – April 1, 2011

An apple a day may actually keep the doctor away – at least when it comes to seeing one about your cholesterol levels. A recent study at Florida State University of 160 women found that the consumption of apples lowered total cholesterol by 14% and LDL levels (“bad”) cholesterol by 23% in the course of a year. Participants also enjoyed a 32% decrease in the C-reactive protein, which is an indicator of inflammation and a risk factor for heart disease. As an added bonus, those who were in the apple eating study group lost an average of 3.3 pounds.

Apples are a great source of pectin, a soluble fiber that works to block cholesterol absorption in the body. Additionally, they are loaded with antioxidants that prevent cellular damage from free radicals. The bottom line: It doesn’t matter if they’re red, green, or yellow, apples are just a smart health move.


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