Witchy Activities to Promote Health During Spooky Season

By Mia Barnes – October 12, 2022

Summer is over, so you can officially bring out the decorations and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year. No, this isn’t about Christmas — it’s the spooky season!

Autumn brings all the pumpkin-spiced lattes and Halloween candy you could want, but it’s also the beginning of many illness outbreaks. Check out a few witchy activities you can do this spooky season to promote health as the chillier months come around.

Cleanse Your Space

Smoke cleansing.

Note: Smudging with white sage is a closed practice as it is part of Indigenous traditions.

Using smoke to cleanse yourself and your space is often one of the first things you learn as a witch. When the seasons change, open your house up and light up a bundle of your favorite herbs for a good smoke cleanse.

There is more to this practice than cleaning negative energies out of your space. Studies show herb smoke can reduce airborne bacteria concentrations in enclosed spaces by over 94%. Rosemary, thyme, garden sage and many other herbs are great for smoke cleansing your space.

If smoke cleansing isn’t an option, you can cleanse your space with sound. Ring bells, hang wind chimes or even bang pots and pans — a favorite of chaos witches. You could also mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils with water and use it to wash down your doors and window frames. Rosemary is an excellent essential oil for cleansing and protection.

Getting sunlight.


Get Some Sun

The Earth’s heading into the darker half of the year, which means the days are getting shorter and there’s less time to enjoy a bit of sunlight. Take advantage of the time you’ve got to soak up the sun and hang on to that bright energy.

This tip is critical if you live in northern latitudes where getting enough sunlight to help your body process vitamin D can be challenging during the winter.

Restock Your Herb Cabinet


Note: Herbal remedies are excellent for treating symptoms and making you feel better but are not a replacement for modern medicine. Talk to your doctor before adding herbal remedies to your diet.

Flu season is emerging, so now is the time to restock the herb cabinet and ensure you have plenty in case a virus finds its way into your home. Good herbs to keep on hand include:

  • Elderflower/elderberries: These are good for immune system support and research has shown them to inhibit the replication of some strains of influenza.
  • Echinacea: Another immune booster and one of the most commonly recommended herbs for treating the flu.
  • Rose petals: The petals contain some vitamin C to support the immune system. They’re also great for self-love spells and make a great addition to all sorts of recipes
  • Thyme: This herb is excellent for cooking, but you can also prepare it as a tea for sore throats. 
  • Peppermint: The leaves are great for digestive tract issues. 
  • Garlic: It’s delicious and helps combat bacteria and viruses in the body. Garlic is the main ingredient in fire ciders, which people also use to treat cold and flu symptoms.

The list could go on, but this should get you started. Don’t forget to wash your hands — it is flu season, after all!


Practice Earthing or Grounding

Earthing or grounding is the practice of connecting to the earth by walking on grass, soil or other natural materials with bare feet. On the spiritual side, it is a valuable tool to help keep you centered and balanced, but there is some science behind it.

Studies suggest spending 20 to 30 minutes a day earthing can improve health, reduce inflammation and generally make you feel healthier. The theory states that by being barefoot or touching the earth with bare skin, you exchange electrons with the planet, which can help energize you.

Even if you don’t believe in earthing or grounding, sometimes getting outside and sticking your toes in the grass can do wonders for your mental health.

Reflect and Journal

Close up of journal.

Instead of starting new projects or planting new physical and metaphysical seeds, this is the time to reflect on the past seasons. It’s an excellent opportunity for shadow work — working with your unconscious mind, or shadow self, to unearth parts of yourself that you might repress or hide — if that’s part of your magical practice.

Even if shadow work isn’t part of your practice, take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come this year. Journaling on the subject is a great way to understand everything you have — to show gratitude for everything you’ve earned or been given during the warmer months.

Stay Healthy This Spooky Season

Staying healthy during the fall means taking steps to protect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. All these facets of yourself are essential and deserve protection — these witchy activities can help with that. Enjoy your spooky season!


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