The Cap10K, According to Race Ambassadors

By Sponsored by the Statesman Capitol 10K – December 13, 2022

To be a race ambassador for the Statesman Cap10K is to see Texas’ largest 10K behind the scenes. 

Cap10K race ambassadors are in charge of promoting the race as well as healthy living and movement. They welcome Austinites into the local running community and assist Cap10K runners by answering questions, connecting them with local running events and cultivating community among the Austin fitness family.

AFM got the chance to speak with three of the 2023 Cap10K race ambassadors – Matthew Garrison, Adriana Prado and Nicole Rauch-Winter – about their experience as race ambassadors. 

AFM: Why did you want to be a 2023 Cap10K race ambassador?


Nicole Rauch-Winter

Nicole Rauch-Winter: “I’ve lived in Austin for three years now and wanted to get more involved in the running community. I thought that becoming a Cap10K race ambassador would be a great way to do that!”

Adriana Prado: “I love the race. Every time I run it, I post on my social media and there’s always someone asking about it. As an ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the race, and I love sharing that knowledge with my friends and followers.”

Matthew Garrison: “I loved taking part in the social runs that Cap10K put on in the years before COVID. After COVID started to wind down and we could run together again, I couldn’t wait. I ran into Jeff Simecek the Cap10K race director at the 3M Expo, and we started talking about how hard running without the social aspect had been for me. He brought up the race ambassador program, and to say I was excited was an understatement. The Austin running community is full of amazing people, and getting to know them and running all over the city is a blast.”

AFM: What do you like about the race?

Adriana Prado

Nicole: “This will be my first year running the race, so I’m excited to feel the excitement during the 10K. But I’ve gone to watch the race in the past. I love that Austin comes together with amazing energy to cheer on the runners!”

Adriana: “It’s the perfect distance – not too short, not too long. I can go slow, walk and enjoy the hilly area of the city. Sometimes I’ll try to go faster. It’s fun running with others and struggling together.”

Matthew: “I love getting the chance to run downtown. The Cap10K is a course that’s so accessible that everyone can take part. Whether you want the liberation of getting to run downtown or just want a family walk listening to the musicians along the route, anyone can enjoy this race.”

AFM: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who thinks they can’t physically run the event?


Matthew Garrison

Nicole: “There are so many runners of different levels who run this event. An organized race can come off as intimidating or make you feel like you have to compete, when, in actuality, the race is set up for you to have FUN with your community! Even if you only run for five minutes and then opt for walking, that’s still a huge accomplishment, and all the people participating will appreciate your support and effort. If you still don’t want to participate, I strongly suggest joining the crowds and cheering everyone on! The race day energy is EVERYTHING, whether you’re running or spectating!”

Adriana: “The race is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you run or walk; all abilities are welcome. If you don’t have a babysitter, bring your kids; strollers are allowed. Even dogs with leashes are allowed in designated areas. I also mention the finish line celebration, for those who drink, there’s free beer – it’s like a party for the running community!”

Matthew: “The Cap10K is an iconic Austin tradition that can be enjoyed regardless of your fitness level. You don’t have to “be ready” to run a 10K to get something out of this event! I have friends and family who walk the race every year to be a part of the atmosphere. If the training is something that worries you, come hang out with us at a coffee house run! We have ambassadors who run at all paces to help you on your journey. Running should be fun, and that’s why social runs are such a big part of my routine.”

Runners, walkers and joggers are welcome to register for the upcoming 46th annual Cap10K in 2023 on Sunday, April 16.


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