Best Fitness Trends For Women

By Sarah Leahy, CPT – December 12, 2022

For years, many women have felt the need to stick to lighter fitness options, but the last few years show an uptick in more options and more women requesting different avenues of fitness. This last year, many women stepped out of the norm of cardio fitness classes on their quest for a healthier lifestyle they actually enjoy. Here are some top fitness trends for women.

Less HIIT, More Strength Training 

Woman doing pushup with dumbbells.

Group fitness has been back in full swing this year with new fitness studios popping up around town, from CYCLEBAR locations to woman-owned Peach Bum. While cardio classes are always in style, trainers and instructors are seeing a higher demand for cross-training and strength training classes as more women are ready to hit the weights. The last decade has brought the benefits of steady strength training to the forefront, with more women embracing and loving the process of building their physiques by getting stronger. Gone are the days of endless intense cardio as women are enjoying strength training classes and personal training with the primary goal of getting stronger, and aesthetics are taking a backseat. 

Fitness as a Social Event 

Friends exercising together.

As we’ve slowly emerged from the chaos of the last few years, 2022 brought more women using group fitness and small group training as social events. Rather than just showing up to a group class solo, many women are booking small private classes and personal training sessions with friends as a way to spend time together while getting their sweat on. With women’s busy schedules, working out with friends allows you to catch up as you take care of yourselves. More women are realizing that, in addition to the camaraderie, working out with friends provides more support from those who know you best and offers an accountability buddy to keep you consistent with workouts. As life continues to get busier, this trend will likely continue to gain steam. 

Fitness as Me-Time / Mindfulness 

Woman exercising alone.

We’ve all come to realize how the last few years have taken a toll on our mental health, and with working, parenting and relationship work all taking place in the home for so long, many women are ready to take a little me-time and step into the gym more consistently as a mindfulness practice to help them unwind and de-stress. For new moms, 30 or 60 minutes to yourself a few times a week can help you recenter and feel more like yourself. For women leading fast-paced, high-demand lives, that time can help you clear your mind and sweat out some of the daily stress. With a sense of normalcy returning in 2022, we’ve seen more and more people ready to jump back into a consistent fitness routine after years of feeling on edge and sedentary, and more women are recognizing the important benefits of taking that time to themselves each week to move their bodies and steady their heads. 

Active Lifestyle 

Woman hiking.

In the past year more than ever, new clients are coming to the gym with the goal of being stronger and gaining energy so they can live a more active lifestyle. For some, this means being able to hike, bike and paddleboard. For others, it means chasing the grandkids around and gardening. Whatever activities women enjoy, the connection between staying fit and healthy to add value to your life outside of the gym has never been more apparent. Gone are the days of trying to get as sore as possible each session, and here to stay is the trend of working hard with a purpose — so women can enjoy their lives outside of the gym and feel strong and energized in everyday life. 

Enjoyable Fitness 

Woman smiling while doing yoga.

While there will always be women who want their workouts to feel grueling, there’s been a great trend this year of wanting to enjoy fitness. This means more women are exploring different types of fitness modalities such as leisurely activities like trail walking, different forms of cardio like rowing and biking, progressive strength training, and mindful yoga and Pilates practices. Many women want to work hard but still enjoy the process so they can stay consistent with workouts, see the small wins along the way and keep making progress. For busy women, finding movement they actually enjoy has been eye-opening. 

2022 has seen women returning to building a steady routine after the upheaval of the past couple of years and has brought a new sense of commitment to working out as a means to contribute to their overall lives. The last couple of years have shed a light on what women find important, what they need to feel physically and mentally healthy, and how important movement is to their lives. More and more women are working out for themselves, and that is one trend that should and will continue to grow.

About the Author

Sarah Leahy smiling with a weight in her hands.

Sarah Leahy, CPT is a Minneapolis transplant in East Austin, certified personal trainer, award-winning interior designer and former gym owner. She offers in-person and online training with an emphasis on strength training and building confidence in and out of the gym. Leahy’s passion for strength extends to your business, with a full offering of gym design and business consulting services.


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