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7 Tips for Living With a Dog If You’re Allergic
March 1, 2022
Do you have a canine companion you wish to hug, pet and kiss, but sometimes allergies prevent you from fulfilling that need? Try these tricks to soothe your allergies while living with a dog...
Seasonal Allergies in Pets
January 18, 2022
Do you know that 70% of your pet’s immune system cells reside in their gut? The immune system is the body’s day-to-day defense against anything unfamiliar, such as bacteria and other immune-challenging concerns. The...
The Best Dog Breeds for Your Allergies
March 1, 2021
While dog and cat allergies affect 10-20% of the global population, this doesn’t stop all the allergy-sufferers from adopting a furry companion. Some people adopt a pet before they even realize they have an...
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