Speed Bags for a Knockout of a Workout 

By Sponsor: Castle Hill Fitness – September 14, 2021

The speed bag isn’t just a cool prop for boxers to use! These small, swinging punching bags that are suspended from the ceiling offer effective and creative cardiovascular and strength benefits that can be incorporated into any sort of workout session.   

Rhythmically punching the bag helps develop hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and speed. Meanwhile, keeping the shoulders and arms lifted, stable, and in constant motion tones the arms and shoulders.  


The principle of the speed bag is fairly simple and straightforward – just hit it! The goal is to hit the bag evenly and to build a consistent pattern. So how should a beginner start out on exercising with a speed bag? Caleb Noah, Boxing Coach at Castle Hill Fitness, recommends starting with two or three 3-minute sets, with a minute of rest in between each set.  

  1. Stand facing the speed bag directly, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep the shoulders down, and lift the hands in front of your face. It’s important to keep both hands and up and near the speed bag, so you can land your hits quickly and without missing a beat.  
  1. The Pattern: Aim to hit the bag every third time it swings your way. Hit it, let it pendulum three times, and then hit with your alternate hand as it swings back your way. Hit, one, two, three, hit, one, two three. As the rhythm becomes more familiar, speed up your movements. It’ll start to look like you’re hitting it every time.  
  1. Have fun with it! Once you catch onto the beat, freestyle. Try working with just one arm at a time, use both in rapid succession, or circle your arms around each other. Any variation will ensure a great workout!  

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