ROI celebrates National Physical Therapy Month with Grand Opening!

By Sponsored: ROI – October 13, 2020

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we are raising awareness about the benefits of physical therapy and what better way to do that than open a state-of-the-art physical therapy facility!

It is well known that regular physical activity is one of the most important things people can do to improve or maintain their health. However, things like injury and pain can keep a person from being physically active. That is where a Physical Therapist can help!

Physical Therapists (PTs) are movement experts with doctorate-level education, skilled in the evaluation of the human movement system (the integration of body systems that generate and maintain movement at all levels of bodily function) and determining the factors that contribute to movement impairment. PTs identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems in people of all ages and abilities. 

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a medical discipline that can help a person improve mobility, strength, and function, manage pain and chronic conditions, reduce the use of opioids and other prescription drugs, avoid surgery, recover from injury, reduce risk of future injury, return to sport or training, and achieve optimal sports performance. Physical Therapy is not just a service your grandparent needs after a knee replacement, but Physical Therapy is a service that can be utilized by athletes ranging from grade school to professional to aid in performing at an elite level! Physical Therapy treatment includes manual techniques (soft tissue mobilization, stretching, joint mobilization, dry needling, etc.), movement correction, exercise prescription, and patient education.  

How the Traditional Model of Physical Therapy Fails to Bridge the Gap

Though the profession of physical therapy is crucial to the wellbeing of society, sometimes the method of how it has been traditionally practiced leaves much to be desired. Our current healthcare system is sterile and transactional. We enter the system when a medical concern presents itself, seeking an answer from professionals. Our interactions with medical professionals are often isolated, meaning we are left to piece together the information in order to gain an overall picture of our health. 

Athletes are mostly limited to the role of a consumer and they are often left feeling unseen, unheard, and inadequately cared for. The system is fragmented and faulty by design, which requires improvement. For the athlete whose primary goal is to maximize performance, we must have a clear and complete picture of health status as it affects every aspect of physical performance. Athletes need an integrated approach to understand their overall health on any given day. One where the sports medicine team is diverse and specialized in order to examine the complete spectrum of athletic performance. Most importantly, one that allows constant collaboration among professionals for the prescription of solutions that address the complete health of the athlete. 

Many Physical Therapy clinics are limited in how many visits they can see an athlete based on insurance policies. Due to these limitations, athletes can be inadequately prepared to return to their sport and have an increased risk of re-injury. 

There is a large performance gap that injured athletes face upon being “discharged” from traditional physical therapy that forces them to finish their rehab and regain their strength for their sport on their own. This fragmented approach to rehabilitation and training minimizes the potential for an athlete to perform at their highest potential and/or achieve a successful return to sport. ROI solves this problem!

Physical Therapy at ROI

ROI redefines this traditional approach to performance by integrating all of your PT and training needs under one roof, optimizing your rehab and training capabilities. ROI is unlike any Physical Therapy facility in Austin, providing a unique one-on-one experience that is founded on the idea of treating the WHOLE athlete. Our comprehensive, science-based methodology sets us apart from the traditional performance world. 

We are an advanced physical therapy facility delivering a science-based, integrated approach to athletic rehabilitation and performance. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have years of experience working with elite level athletes (MLB, NFL, NBA, USTA, MLS) and various specializations in sports rehab and training, including sport residencies, manual therapy, USA weightlifting certifications, DNS, dry needling, postpartum correctiveness, CrossFit, ASTYM, and Kinesio Taping.

Our Physical Therapists work in collaboration with our Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, Massage Therapists, and Strength and Conditioning Specialists utilizing the latest technology and training techniques to achieve optimal performance outcomes for all athletes. This multidisciplinary approach allows ROI to treat the WHOLE athlete, promising to efficiently decrease pain, restore function, and optimize physical potential, which makes ROI the only place for PT in Central Texas.

If you have experienced an injury, have developed pain, or simply desire to move better, seeing an ROI Physical Therapist can help you perform at your highest level. If you’re stuck in the performance gap and you want to experience next level PT, Come See Us! 


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