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Healthy Living
Why We Should Eat More Intuitively

It’s easy to get confused by today’s information overload—especially when it comes to diet and nutrition. Here are some simple steps to reconnect with your intuitive sense of what foods are best for your body.

How Fit Are You…Really?

You might be a fitness fanatic, but would you know how to protect yourself if you were assaulted? Check out these simple yet empowering self-defense tips.

Embracing Ultimate Frisbee

Ahh frisbee. A word, albeit my spell checker still refuses to acknowledge, slowly gaining acknowledgement around the world. I’m not talking the jaunt-to-the-park-with-your-pals-to-toss-a-frisbee, frisbee. I’m talking cleated, sprinting, stack-setting, field-hucking, lay-out soaring, goal-scoring  frisbee. Ultimate frisbee.

Making Waves

Created to curb the city’s mounting lifeguard shortages, SwimATX is helping East Austin teenagers realize their potential in the water and their communities.