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What's in the Water Part II: Myth Busting Scary Animals and Plants

In the March issue of Austin Fit, we discussed the worst water-borne infections people could catch from swimming in local lakes. We also explained how rare they are and gave tips on how to avoid them altogether. This month, we turn our focus to more common, but less dangerous, animals and plants living in the water, and how to deal with them. Next month we’ll review half a dozen local bodies of water where swimmers can practice.

Call Your Own Fouls

“You got next,” Richard Rafferty tells me. I’m standing in his driveway with five other men, about to start the next round in a pickup basketball…

2015 Spring Shoe Review

The only constant in the sporting goods industry is that it’s not static. While new brands continue to appear, their chances of success have not been…

Austin's Fittest Dogs

These pups put their paws in the ring and beat out a field of more than 100 dogs to be named the fittest in the city.

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