How PEMF Improves Performance

By Larry Langdon – January 31, 2022

Are you a fan of former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal? How about the football player Brian Baldinger or road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong? Do you know anything about the secret of their performance? It’s none other than the PEMF application. 

PEMF might be growing in popularity among athletes, but why? Let’s jump into the basics.

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. Unlike other treatments, it repairs the underlying cause of any ailments. By doing so, PEMF can easily help you get rid of all the associated symptoms for a prolonged duration. 

By using a low level of electromagnetic radiation, PEMF can restore your natural healing process and revive your body functions. Simply put, it recharges your body cells to provide adequate energy for doing any activity and improves your wellness.

You can use a PEMF device to emit pulsed electromagnetic radiation. Just adjust the frequency and apply it to the injured body part.

How does PEMF improve the performance of athletes?

Consider the athletic body cell as a small battery. At every step, athletes put excess stress on their joints, ligaments and muscles. Hence, like a battery, your cells will also become tired and damaged. As a result, your cells will lose the ability to fight off stress or any ailment. This is where a PEMF device steps in.

Like a battery recharger, PEMF can recharge your cells to fight against stress and ailments. Furthermore, it will naturally regenerate your health within and throughout the cells.

People who are new to PEMF might worry if electromagnetic waves are harmful to your body. Fortunately, PEMF devices produce very little radiation in a longer wavelength compared to smartphones. Instead, they imitate the natural frequency that arises in the earth’s electromagnetic field.

How does PEMF enhance quick recovery from sports injuries?

The recovery from symptoms like soreness and weakness should be quick and proper. Improper recovery can lead to inefficiency in training sessions followed by a halt in progress.

For instance, ice can reduce only swelling, whereas the electromagnetic waves emitted from the PEMF device transmits throughout the body and penetrate deep into the tissues to optimize tissue health. It can also enhance quick recovery from the existing pain and weakness between sessions. Hence, athletes can perform at a peak level by reducing the possibility of injury and can focus on setting a new record.

A 2009 study reported that PEMF therapy could enhance the healing rate in post-surgeries and bone fractures. Another first-of-its-kind 2021 study supported the use of PEMF technology in combination with preseason training.

That is why athletes use PEMF regularly during their training period. You can also find PEMF machines in the sports medicine clinics, Olympic Village and NFL training camps.

What are the benefits of PEMF therapy?

PEMF offers many benefits that include:

  • Improving cellular recovery and revival
  • Increasing bone density
  • Enhancing muscles’ oxygen intake to improve muscular endurance and performance
  • Improving immunity power
  • Increasing concentration and focus
  • Improving recovery rate from inflammation, pain and swelling
  • Enhancing injury prevention by reducing cellular breakdown
  • Improving cell hydration and metabolism
  • Reducing pain, cramps, stiffness and weakness
  • Oxygenating blood to improve energy production for better performance
  • Flushing our lactic acid from body cells to reduce soreness
  • Enhancing range of motion, strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility for overall better performance

What are factors to be considered in pursuing PEMF therapy?

No research study reports any adverse side effects due to PEMF use. However, avoid using PEMF in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have severe epilepsy, a defibrillator or pacemaker, or dental implants.

Furthermore, talk to your doctor in case you are taking chemotherapy. In that case, enquire your doctor about PEMF dosage.

How can you try PEMF therapy?

You can buy a PEMF device for your personal use, especially if you want a portable option. PEMF machines are highly available in chiropractor, physical therapy and sports clinics and is highly recommended by healthcare practitioners. 


About the Author

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Larry Langdon, the founder of Sentient Element PEMF Devices, has 30+ years of experience innovating cutting-edge technologies for Boeing, National Semiconductor, Intel, Microsoft and classified projects requiring special clearance for high-level applications. Utilizing his B.S. in electrical engineering, he has extensive experience in software, hardware, integration, instrumentation, product testing and embedded designs, including the first FDA-approved defibrillator.


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