How Connecting with Colleagues Outdoors Spurs Bonds & Creativity

By Michael Hrabovsky – April 27, 2023

What if we told you that nature could be your new break room and sunshine could be your new coffee?

As companies and organizations have adapted to provide a remote work week, it’s now more important than ever to get colleagues and peers together to connect and bond outside of the workplace. One of the biggest trends in team building and colleague events is getting groups outside for fun and exciting activities where attendees can bond while enjoying beautiful Texas outdoors. 

Not only do outdoor events showcase our beautiful location here in the Texas Hill Country, but they also help to boost creativity, inspiration and bonds to help ensure a successful team-building experience.

Here are several tips below on how to best prepare an outdoor outing for a group. 

Outdoor Settings Inspire Creativity

While guests certainly can actively participate more during an outdoor function, it also gives organizations the chance to get more creative with how to host the event. Having an outdoor setting provides a different kind of atmosphere than a meeting room might, giving you limitless options to set up and design the look and feel of your event. 

Men working outside together.

Having worked in the event and hospitality industry for more than 15 years, I’ve seen planners get extremely creative with outdoor event spaces. For example, groups have created luxurious “glamping” event set-ups complete with extravagant chandeliers hanging from the trees and string lights, plush couches and comfortable seating to evoke a lounge-style setting in nature. Additionally, outdoor spaces allow groups to incorporate unique event elements — some groups have even had “beer burrows” at their event where a donkey walks around with coolers filled with beer.

Consider Something Active 

Not only does hosting a team-building function or group event outdoors provide a beautiful setting, but it can also encourage your guests to be more active and involved than sitting in a meeting room. I’d suggest including an activity that provides a one-of-a-kind experience colleagues can enjoy to build relationships and inspire bonds. 

At my current resort, we offer beach-themed team-building experiences, such as surfing competitions on our Flowrider wave simulation machine and beach volleyball to incorporate into group outings. These interactive activities help groups take part in experiences they wouldn’t have thought of doing on their own, which provides an ideal setting for building relationships among peers and colleagues.

People playing volleyball.

While I recommend providing unique and adventurous experiences for groups, it’s also important to gauge attendee preferences. Try sending out a poll in advance of any team-building function to determine what your group is most comfortable with. I’ve seen many planners provide multiple activities — one that’s a little more adrenaline-inducing, and one that’s more relaxing and calm — in order to ensure everyone has a good time.

Be Prepared & Take Weather into Account

While hosting an event outside during a sunny day can be beneficial, it’s important to be prepared for any type of weather. Weather in Central Texas can quickly change, so I recommend having a backup plan if an unexpected rainstorm or wind becomes a factor. In more severe weather situations, it’s also important to have a contingency plan in place in case the event cannot be held outdoors. I’d suggest working with the venue’s team to figure out this plan, that way your event is not a total bust.

Whatever you decide to do with your team, bringing it outside can provide that extra memorableness to any experience, especially with your coworkers.

About the Author

Michael Hrabovsky is the Director of Sales, Events & Marketing at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa.  With more than 15 years working in the meeting and events industry, Hrabovsky has helped to plan memorable meeting experiences at Hyatt hotels throughout North America, from Hyatt Regency San Francisco to Hyatt Regency Savannah. 


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