Healthy Habits You Should Give Yourself Credit for

By Sophia Smith – December 3, 2020

As our entire lives are one lasting opportunity to become better people, more resilient individuals focus specifically on working on their physical and spiritual growth. However, sometimes, we can be too self-critical, self-deprecating and unaware of the progress we’re already making. What’s more, we can often overwhelm ourselves with unrealistic expectations and grand goals as part of our New Year’s resolutions plans — which can often leave us feeling like a failure if unachieved.

As desirable and commendable as growth truly is, we should all work to give ourselves more credit for the actions we take every day. After all, giving begins with what you’re able to give and provide to yourself so that you are most able to give and share your spiritual wealth and knowledge with the world. In the spirit of the holiday season, stopping to have a reset and building a more self-loving mindset, here are a few habits you likely already have that you can recognize and appreciate more within your healthy lifestyle.

You take time to cook your meals

To most people who have been preparing their meals for years, this is nothing more than a daily routine; it’s just how some lead their lives. However, the sheer process of cooking is restorative and soothing, and the end result means providing your body with wholesome nourishment.

Both the journey and the destination are rewarding, as cooking at-home meals is a perfect way to meditate and build a beautiful, evolving ritual of the preparation process — and ensure that you consume the right nutrients.

You have a dedicated skincare routine

Prevention is a vital component of your lifestyle, and that includes your skincare regime, which can help you prevent more than purely aesthetic issues.

With the right steps in your routine, you can, for instance, reduce the risk of skin cancer by using proper sun protection, no matter the season. This single step can help you retain a youthful complexion, but also ensure greater safety when stepping into the sun.

You treat yourself with little things

If you enjoy the little things in life, such as a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate, you might not see it as a contribution to your wellbeing — but that’s exactly what such actions are. Healthy treats such as functional chocolates are filled with nutrients and are a delicious way to build up your wellbeing, sans the guilt.

After all, why perceive such pleasures as guilty if we can practice moderation and choose the right kind of treats for our bodies? These small moments are a great opportunity to take better care of ourselves and add some flavor into our days — all without imposing unrealistic restrictions upon ourselves.

You know how to express gratitude

The attitude we build toward people, events and ourselves can make all the difference in the overall quality of our lives. For example, being able to say “thank you” when someone helps you, even with the simplest of things, shows your appreciation for what people do for you. You can even elevate that awareness and direct it towards yourself, as well.

Try journaling and writing down all the things you’re grateful for in life, including the routine things that you do and achieve. This is a healthy and empowering exercise works to build self-awareness and self-worth while nurturing a grateful mindset towards the world.

You take your medical checkups seriously

We are our own primary caretakers, and embracing that role means taking excellent care of our daily nutrition and exercise — while also relying on experts regularly. Medical professionals are meant to help us navigate the different stages of our lives and find the best decisions for our unique needs to feel better. 

Regular health checkups remain one of the most vital preventative measures you can take to protect your health and wellbeing, recognize early signs of illness and stay on the right track.

You spend time with those you love

Vibrant relationships are the pillar of our longevity and life satisfaction. We forge lasting friendships with like-minded people whose energy heals and builds us up, whereas we do our best to spend more quality time with our family members. These simple, but profound social interactions are essential for your health. Investing time and energy in those bonds means, in turn, investing in yourself.

You enjoy the outdoors

Mother Nature has an incredible effect on our health, wellbeing and emotional stability. Some people gravitate toward spending more time outdoors, whether they walk their dogs in local parks or spend their weekends away from the city.

If you already enjoy regular walks and spend time surrounding yourself with greenery, you’re doing your body a tremendous favor. Studies have shown that spending about two hours in nature per week can be restorative and have a healing effect on your wellbeing.


Take a moment and recognize the healthy foundation you’ve built already. Your core efforts for leading a healthy life might not be considered burdensome at all, as they come naturally, but we often fail to recognize their importance. Take a moment every day to appreciate yourself and your investments, and you’ll be even more inspired to improve your life over time.


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