Strags Adventure Club – Spring Branch Obstacle Course Run – Round 2

By AFM Team – February 1, 2022

Join the girl gang you’ve always wanted.

If you’re anything like me, you want to do badass shit and be in the company of other boss women.

You sense that your body was made for more than just dieting and trying to squeeze into the perfect outfit. You want to find a way to use your fitness for something other than lifting weights in the gym or using the stairmaster.

Every time I see someone doing something badass like standup paddle board yoga or rock climbing, I think of how fun it would be to do that but can’t think of anyone who would want to go with me.

I KNOW there has to be other women out there who think the same so let’s start checking things off our bucket list together!

It’s time to create the group of women that you and I always wanted.

– Women who get outside and have fun.

– Women who build confidence and friendships in the process.

– Women who try scary and hard things but never let one defeat keep them down.

And while we’re at it, let’s get these good times documented by a professional photographer!! We don’t want to miss our moments of glory!

True story: I handed my phone to a friend when I went kayaking in Cozumel. She only took one photo and I was the size of an ant. Face palm! Seriously, you guys, you can’t even tell that it’s me.

Let’s stop worrying if the stranger we asked to take our photo cut off a limb and just have fun, trusting that our photographer got all the IG-worthy shots. You’ll receive a slideshow after the event that you can post on your social media and you’ll be able to purchase any individual photos too!

So if you’re ready, join Strags Adventure Club with a Obstacle Course Run!!!

When: Sunday February 6th, 10:30am-2:00pm

Where: Power Park Fitness


10:30-10:45am Arrival/check-in

10:45-11:00am Intention-setting and group photos!

11:00-1:00pm Run 1.5 mile course as a group stopping to conquer all the obstacles along the way – balance beams and spear throws await! We’ll have a coach guiding us the entire time.

1:00-2ish pm – EVENT RECAP

Age Restrictions: This for adult females 18 and older only. No males or females younger than this will be allowed due to potentially mature concepts and language and to preserve the female community.

Refunds: Due to payments due to vendors, there will be no refunds for this event. Registration may be transferred. Please contact the Organizer for more details.

Waiver: All attendees must sign a waiver prior to attendance. Waivers will be emailed and a signed copy must be emailed back or a printed and signed copy must be brought or signed prior to or at the event. A secondary wavier for the facility will need to be signed as well.

Disclaimers: This is an informative workshop that provides perspectives on female fitness from different experts through their own opinions within the scope of their training The information is presented in good faith based on speakers’ background and experience. The workshop does not guarantee specific results nor does it suggest that following each technique presented will necessarily work for you. The plans and concepts presented in this workshop are one of many ways for you to achieve success, and they may or may not be the best approach for you.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to health, nutrition, and fitness. Your success depends on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, your approach, your long- term commitment to your personal goals, and biological factors beyond your control.

The information presented in this workshop is not a substitute for medical advice, including but not limited to physical health, mental health, or nutritional health. You must consult a medical professional prior to beginning any new exercise program or routine. You must manage your health through regular physical examinations and necessary follow up.

Neither this Agreement nor the information presented in the workshop should be perceived as advice, professional or otherwise.


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