Yoga Renewal. An 8 week, Small Group Yoga Series for Beginning Again

By AFM Staff – February 1, 2022

In this eight-week yoga series, We will explore an inquiry-based, somatic/embodiment approach in yoga.

The series incorporates a personalized approach. As you progress through the series, you can expect to cultivate and refine your skillfulness in movement, deepen your embodied awareness, and revolutionize how you experience your body, and yoga practice based on your personal needs and wellness goals. We will use the practice of Embryological Developmental Movement Repatterning in the Hatha Yoga postures, which provides a whole new way to experience true stability and ease within asana practice.

Breathing is made more accessible, strain and injury are prevented. Your Yoga practice becomes enlivened, nourishing, and joyful. This new, embodied wisdom then becomes of service to you during all the movements of your everyday life; including fitness activities and repetitive movements during your work and home life.

This series explores the Fundamentals of Yoga in many aspects, including Yoga philosophy, restorative practices, active Hatha Yoga practices, meditation, and mantra. It is genuinely an excellent refresher course for those looking to restart their yoga practice with fresh inspiration and a whole new perspective or for the complete yoga beginner.

With the series being limited to 6-8 students, instruction is personalized, and each student will have access to help and assistance as needed.

The series cost is 200.00 for 8 classes.

Classes are held on Monday evenings, 6:00-7:30pm beginning Jan 10, 2022


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