Drinking Chlorophyll: Fad or Fact?

By Sarah Kaminski – May 2, 2021

Let’s talk about one of the latest trends sweeping the internet: drinking chlorophyll. The quick answer is YES it actually has numerous benefits for human health (those TikTokers are on to something!). At the core, chlorophyll is essentially what makes plants look (in the pigment) green and healthy. Apart from eating fresh greens, you can also consume it in liquid form, take chlorophyll supplements and or even make your own liquid chlorophyll. But, before purchasing an expensive and minimalist-y-packaged chlorophyll bottle, check your local grocery store as they can typically be found in the health foods aisle.

Chlorophyll: The Health Benefits 

It’s more than just looking good in a mason jar in the morning. The most prominent health benefits of drinking chlorophyll include:

  • Immune system boost – Chlorophyll can help your immune system combat infections and inflammation with more ease.
  • Improved skin health – Research shows that chlorophyll can help improve the condition of your skin and even reduce inflammation in skin wounds. When paired with a collagen-rich diet, it contributes to healthier and smoother skin. 
  • Improved blood counts – Consuming liquid chlorophyll also helps improve the quality of red blood cells.
  • Detoxification – Your body can get rid of harmful toxins more efficiently when you consume more chlorophyll.
  • Internal deodorant – It can also improve the odor of all bodily fluids, from your breath to your sweat and even your stool and urine.
  • Antioxidant properties – helping you delay aging and improving your overall health and wellbeing
  • Normalized intestinal transit and regulating intestinal fermentation

Liquid chlorophyll also helps with weight loss, and it’s even thought to help reduce cancer cells. Furthermore, it can impact fungal growth, so it can be very beneficial to Candida patients. 

While more research is needed into all of these benefits, studies that have been carried out so far show very promising results in all of the above. 

Know the Side Effects

Although it is non-toxic and considered safe, there are some side effects you need to be aware of before you start incorporating the green drink into your routine. 

You may experience some digestive problems, ranging from mild discomfort to diarrhea and changes in your stool. 

Taking chlorophyll may also increase your sensitivity to sunlight, especially if taken alongside medication that already has this effect. It can then result in sunburns and sun damage. So, make sure to wear a high SPF if combining chlorophyll with these kinds of medications. 

It’s best to consult your doctor before you start to take any supplement, liquid chlorophyll included. If you notice any side effects, stop its use immediately. 

Drinking and Dosage

If you purchase a liquid chlorophyll supplement in a drug store or natural health store, add it to some plain water, a smoothie or any drink of your choice. The usual recommended dose is between 100 and 300 milligrams per day, over three divided doses. 

For the DIY-ers out there, another option is to make your own liquid chlorophyll. Use water and vegetables naturally high in chlorophyll like parsley, spinach, arugula or wheatgrass. This can be the better option, as it ensures you’re not consuming any unknown ingredients.

To begin, start with a lower dose (just a few drops) and see how you feel afterward. Once your body gets accustomed to it, you can slowly work on increasing it. 

Final Thoughts 

While it won’t completely replace the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables, drinking chlorophyll a few times a week can have positive benefits on your general health and wellbeing. However, don’t expect them to appear overnight. You may need to keep taking the supplement for a while before you notice any specific changes. 

Make sure to always consult your doctor before you add a new supplement to your diet, especially if you suffer from a medical condition or start to develop any side effects.


Note from the Director: I love drinking 10-15 drops every morning! The taste might be one that’s acquired, but try squeezing in ½ a lemon – et voila! Your new, favorite, morning, Instagrammable green drink.

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