Cliff Jumping: The Dos and Don’ts

By Monica Hand – August 27, 2020

There are several spots around Austin that are great for the coveted cannonball Insta-shot. But cliff jumping can be a nerve-racking thing when you get to the top and look down. Whether it’s one of the high up spots along Lake Travis, or just a rock in the Greenbelt, your heart rate might spike. So, to give you that peace of mind, here are our Dos and Don’ts to cliff jumping.

DO Check the Water

Even if it rained all week, make sure you double, triple check that the water level. No matter what it is you’re jumping into, make sure the water is high enough to support you—especially if from a long way up. If it’s just a little jump from a half-submerged rock into a swimming hole, you should be fine. But if you’re at Pace Bend or have climbed up the edge of a creek, make sure you won’t be hitting the bottom. Prioritize safety along with the fun.

DO Know Where Your Things Are

If you leave your phone or other personal items at the top of the cliff, make sure you somewhat hide them. This is just in case anyone else happens upon your spot while you’re busy cliff jumping and having a great time. Most importantly, don’t forget where exactly you’ve left your things. And don’t forget to retrieve them before heading off to the next cliff.

DO Set the Drink Down

Trust us, we get it, summer fun in Austin usually means adding in that sweet nectar of local brews and seltzers. But if you’re about to jump and impress all your friends, make sure you put that drink down. Not only will it likely spill out everywhere when you hit the water, but it might get lost in the water as well. Do your part and take care of the natural beauties in Austin by keeping track of what you bring with you and making sure it’s disposed of properly.

DON’T Jump Blindly

It’s one thing to call out “look out below!” and it’s another to actually peer over that ledge and make sure none of your friends are too close to the splash zone. While your cannonball might get them wet, you don’t want to end up landing right on top of them either. So, before you take the leap, check your surroundings and make sure you have good enough footing to avoid slipping.

DON’T Go Head First

The jump

 Always, always, always go feet first. Not only would diving head first raise the risk for some serious head injuries, but if you’ve ever belly flopped you know the pain of anything flat hitting the water. Look out for butt-flopping too, it’s like belly flopping but your entire back leg stings instead–but even that pain is better than if you hit your head on something in the water.



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