5 Pet-Friendly Exercise Facilities in Austin

By Caitlyn Meisner – September 1, 2022

Even though owning a pet provides many health benefits, and having them as an active animal companion can be just the motivator you need, it can still be tough to find a place in the city that accommodates pets. Thankfully, Austin has plenty of gyms that are welcoming to pets — mainly dogs — where you can both enjoy some socialization and exercise. 

East Austin Athletic Club

Dog at gym.

Photo courtesy of East Austin Athletic Club

East Austin Athletic Club is an innovative and fun workout club with a diverse array of classes and experienced trainers. They’re located on East Cesar Chavez Street and provide scheduled classes throughout the day. The club offers yoga, kickboxing and barbell strength classes as some of their typical classes; in terms of their specialty classes, they have Ignite, Physique and Ascend. These unique classes combine unique styles of workouts with various pieces of equipment in the gym. East Austin Athletic Club offers different types of memberships at different price points so you can pick the best for your schedule and fitness desires. Best of all, they welcome your pup. While the trainer’s dogs can roam the club, your dogs can roam around the on-site dog park. You can contact East Austin Athletic Club to schedule a class with a trainer on their website; make sure to bring your pup!

Crux Climbing Center

Girl and dog at Crux.

Photo courtesy of Crux Climbing Center

Crux Climbing Center is a unique and inclusive workout facility with rope climbing, bouldering and rock climbing equipment. According to the Crux website, Crux’s mission is to create a space where climbers based in Austin can not only hone their climbing skills but also grow as a community. The facility offers both group classes and private yoga and climbing lessons; they also provide an array of strengthening and conditioning classes to choose from throughout the day. Crux offers multiple rates at their locations, whether you want to pay month-to-month or in full for a whole year. You can also purchase day passes if you’re looking to try out the facility. Crux is designed to be a community-building space with areas to lounge and bring your furry friends! The facility welcomes dogs and has a dedicated “Doggy Dos and Don’ts” page on the website to keep all guests and dogs safe. Several other perks — besides a dog-friendly facility — are available to members! These include free use of the saunas, unlimited yoga and fitness classes, monthly member appreciation nights, and access to all locations at no additional cost. Crux is building a new facility in North Austin; you can stay updated through the location’s Instagram page. You can contact the Crux Climbing Center through their website to explore their facility and get climbing with your pup! 

Stateline Gym

Dog in weights.

Photo courtesy of Stateline Gym

Stateline Gym is a strength training facility that features powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting in Southeast Austin. There is a diverse array of equipment offered at the facility, including dumbbells, bench presses, squat machines and powerlifting platforms. Stateline is garage-style with 24/7 access for members. Every membership is the same but can be paid for in different ways, such as monthly or every three, six or 12 months. There are many pictures on Stateline’s website of the facility; you can take a better look at the space and their equipment there! The best part is that Stateline is dog-friendly! You can see some of the dogs in the gym on their Instagram page. To get started with Stateline, you can contact the gym’s owner, Tom, directly by phone, Instagram or email! 

Heavy Mettle Fitness

Heavy Mettle Fitness is a personal training facility with customized programs, nutrition coaching, transformation guides and a private training area. Matt Ryan is the owner and lead trainer; he began training because he felt inspired to help others find their passion for fitness and healthy living as he did. Heavy Mettle Fitness is dedicated to working closely with clients to “create successful and sustainable lifestyle transformations (…) and learn the necessities of healthy eating and routines.” The facility is also pet-friendly! You’re allowed to bring your pup with you as you train here. The facility is located on Burnet Road, and you can contact the team directly on their website to get started with personal training. 


Dog standing.

Photo courtesy of TruFusion

TruFusion is a vibrant gym in South Austin with a wide range of classes, including Bootcamp, Ride, Barre and Yoga. TruFusion is dedicated to giving their TruTribe the tools to transform their body and mind with heated and unheated rooms for results-driven group workouts. There are several amenities included at TruFusion facilities, including a locker room, a retail area and a community with good vibes. Memberships range from monthly to 6 months to 12 months. You can also purchase “class packs,” where you can buy five or 10 reservations in any classes of your choice within a 6-month period! And the best amenity — staff are always bringing their dogs in! Members with service dogs are welcome to bring their pups as well.  


Exercising with your pup by your side is one of the best ways to get moving and build a better bond with your furry friend. Stay fit this fall with these pet-friendly facilities.


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