Furnishings of the Future

By AFM Team – September 1, 2016

Salt Self Defense Gun


Regardless of your views on gun control, the Salt Self Defense Gun offers non-lethal protection we can all support. Operating off of a proprietary pneumatic CO2 cartridge system, this handgun shoots plastic rounds of military grade, powdered pepper spray up to 200 feet that will literally stop anyone in their tracks. Immediate eye irritation and difficulty breathing formed by the pellet’s release of dust upon impact will keep any intruder at bay. Effective enough to feel safe, but safe enough to avoid irreversible damage. $350

Nest Outdoor Camera


Hitting the market this fall—and available for preorder— the Nest follows up their successful thermostats with an Outdoor Camera that’s poised to be just as awesome. Weather and waterproof, do-it-yourself installation, and remote access via the Nest mobile app makes this camera a must-have source of security. The camera can be controlled remotely, alert you to movement, and even allows you to talk to whoever or whatever may be on the other side of the lens. $199

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Wood Fired Soaking Hot Tub

Designed and hand built by a couple of young, ambitious dudes, the soaking hot tub is a beautiful and useful addition to your home. Simply fill the stainless steel tub with water, add firewood, light, and wait for the water to warm to a perfectly hot soak you can enjoy outdoors. $4,450

Canary Home Security


The canary is an intelligent home security system that can be completely controlled with, you guessed it, your phone. Equipped with HD and night vision video, 24/7 motion and sound control detection, an audible alarm system, and cloud storage of your recorded video, this little bundle of technology is quite efficient. Perhaps the coolest feature of them all though is the Home- Health Technology built into the device that detects and alerts you to air quality, humidity, and temperature changes. $199 + option monthly storage plans

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Pet Chatz


If you secretly FaceTime with your dog or cat, this product will take your relationship to the next level. You can embrace your pet to human interaction officially now with Pet Chatz. Built as a two-way camera positioned at petlevel in your home, the Pet Chatz camera allows you to not only call your pet, but even allows your pet to call you! With the press of a paw-friendly button, Fido can actually call you whenever they want. And if that’s not enough to win you over, you can even dispense a tasty treat at the press of a button on the Pet Chatz app as you’re talking to your fur baby. PetChatz camera: $380 Paw Call: $100

JmGO Smart Home Projector


Finally a Bluetooth TV projector that has all the bells and whistles. The stylish JmGO is a combination of TV, Internet, Projector, HD Player, 3D player, and Bluetooth Speaker. Boasting cinema-quality sound, 1080P HD, and a screen size up to 300 inches (if you have a wall large enough), you’ll always be entertained.$600

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Naked Fitness


Mirror/Scale/Tracker Standing naked in front of the mirror just got a bit more daunting. The Naked fitness mirror and scale tracks your progression to a healthier you in 3D. It captures your 3D body model so you can visualize your body’s changes, tracking volumetric body fat percentage, body measurements, and weight. $749 / $95 to pre-order

Nebia Shower Head


Who else is tired of their old shower head that trickles water at an embarrassingly low pressure? Nebia created a new shower head that splits the water into millions of tiny droplets allowing the surface area to be increasingly higher than a normal shower head. Taking a shower and feeling like you are basically hugging the water is pretty awesome. Now here’s the cool part. Not only did Nebia change the way you shower, but they also just changed the number on your water bill by helping you save money. With Nebia Shower you will be saving thousands of gallons of water a year. $399

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Greycork Furniture


Based in Rhode Island, a group of young professionals noticed a problem with the furniture industry. It was either too expensive, poorly made, or hard to transport. Given their frustration, they decided to make their own furniture, which has led to the creation of Greycork, a small, nimble, design-direct to consumer-oriented furniture maker. The result is durable, reasonably priced, better looking furniture shipped to your door. And at last, all designed to be easily assembled, disassembled, and brought to a new home when you move. Felix Sofa $775 / Felix Coffee Table $250

Sheex Performance Bedding


With 100-degree weather as the norm in Austin, it’s top priority to keep cool in all situations. Sheex bedding takes it to a whole new level—in the bedroom. Sweat-wicking and natural bamboo materials make these sheets feel like a nice refreshing breeze on your skin. So when your AC decides to give out, or you want to save some cash on that utility bill, these sheets are worth the investment to keep you comfortable. Original sheet set: $149 & up / Pillowcases (pkg of 2)$ 49 & up


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