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By Special Promotion – September 1, 2016

Most fitness fanatics in Austin know that making the right food choices is what sets you apart from the pack. It can also be one big challenge.

When you're running from the gym to work (don't mention twoadays), and managing time with friends and family, sometimes planning your meals takes a backseat. The thought of packing a gym bag and your breakfast and lunch for the day can be enough to make you seriously  consider hitting up the drive-through. 

So when we saw UberEATS launch on the scene and work with healthy restaurants like Snap Kitchen, we got excited. Just like Uber offers rides at the tap of a button (which we seriously miss), UberEATS offers delivery from a hundred local restaurants and cafes. All you pay is a flat #5 delivery fee, no matter how much you order, and the meals are priced the same as in the restaurant. $5 to save you 30 minutes of cooking (or throwing off your diet for the week) is well worth it. But we aren't the only ones that love this new tool. Alex Winkelman Zeplain, the founder of the family health and wellness company Tribe, told us that food delivery is her new best friend. 

As a new mom recovering from major surgery, Winkelman said it was hard to find the time and energy to hit the grocery store, prep a meal, cook, and then clean up. The ease of being able to order food from her phone made a huge difference in her day. 

"It freed me up to focus on my baby and finally get some rest for recovery. Who knew food delivery could also be a healthy destressor?!

And now, as a mother of a toddler and entrepreneur myself, we continue to use this life hack to bring calm, quiet family moments to our busy life."

We agree. So our new favorite hack is UberEATS. Order delivery for you week's worth of Snap Kitchen meals when you can't make it to the grocery store. grab a salad and a juice on the fly from Daily Juice when we're running between meetings. Or cater plantbased bowls from Maoz Vegetarian for the family when you're sitting in traffic – dinner is served right as you arrive home.

Our Top UberEATS Healthy Picks

+ Snap Kitchen
+ Daily Juice
Hillside Farmacy
Juice Austin
Maoz Vegetarian
VERTS Mediterranean Grill

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