Stow and Go on Your Run

By Ginny Rohlich – September 1, 2014

I am a person who carries a lot more than just car keys when I run. As an early morning runner, I feel safest with my phone always handy. And because I am an "aging" runner, the phone is useless without eyeglasses. I also carry a blinky light to use until the sun comes up; then it needs to be stowed. I usually also stash a few dollars and occasionally a snack in my running pouch. 
So, along with my keys, all this stuff has to go somewhere.


I loved the snug fit and the comfort of the SPIbelt. Despite how tiny it looks, I was able to shove everything into it. It sort of reminded me of clowns coming out of a tiny car—more and more and more and just when you think nothing else could possibly fit…more! It zips easily, and it feels like quality fabric so I was confident that I wasn’t going to rip it apart with the massive amount of stuff I had. I also think that it would make a great race belt. 

FlipBelt  (Left)

The FlipBelt is very roomy and also flattering to wear. It fits snuggly across the hips and looks like part of your running shorts. Before I started my run I was nervous about whether or not items would slip out, but once I had it on and flipped it over, I stopped worrying for the most part. Of course, everything was fine, but I’m still not sure about carrying very small items such as a single key or loose change. Perhaps for worrying types like me a velcro strip across one of the panels might be a good alteration to the FlipBelt. Overall though, the fit and comfort of this belt is wonderful.

Spry Vest  (Center)

I love all the pockets in this vest. There is room for everything I carry and more. This would be great for long runs or trail runs where you need to carry nutrition and a water bottle. It is very lightweight, comfortable to wear, and I was happy to have a pocket that zipped for securing items. I would highly recommend the Spry Vest for trail running.

Handana (Right)

Some of us sweat more than others, but it’s summer and it’s Texas, so we all are going to be sweating a storm. This band fit comfortably across my hand, and I started using it almost immediately to wipe away the sweat from my brow as I ran. I like the fact that you can easily toss it in the wash. I am not a glove wearer (it has to be insanely, bitterly cold before I wear them) so it took me a while to get used the feeling of the Handana. I imagine tennis players would also love this product.

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