The Starter Pack For Rainy Day Dog Walks

By Mia Barnes – March 1, 2023

As spring nears, so do the showers, but that doesn’t mean you always have to opt for a cuddle session on the couch with your pup rather than braving the rain and staying active.

Thankfully, you can equip yourself and your dog with items that make rainy walks a little more bearable. Here are some must-haves that can transform how you walk in difficult weather.

1. Raincoat

Both you and your dog should have a coat to keep you dry. You wouldn’t want to get drenched while walking, so why would your dog want to feel soaked? Make sure to measure your dog accurately before buying a raincoat. Dogs’ shapes are as unique as humans, so you should always pick based on measurements, not what size you think your dog’s breed is.

You’ll want to get your pup adjusted to their new raincoat as soon as possible. Many dogs don’t like wearing clothes, so you might have to introduce the coat gradually, allowing them to wear it for a little while. Once your pup is used to wearing its raincoat, you should be able to take it on a trial walk without any issues.

2. Microfiber Towel

You’ll want to roll up a microfiber towel and take it with you on your walk. You never know when you’ll need to dry off yourself or your dog — maybe your path leads you through a puddle or drenches you through your coats.

Microfiber towels are perfect for drying off your pup because they dry quickly, preventing bacteria growth, and can absorb nearly seven times their weight. Invest in a small one, and you’ll never want to go back to regular cotton towels.

3. Bag of Treats

The rain brings out all sorts of distractions, including creatures like slugs and worms on the ground. If you have treats handy, your dog’s focus will likely snap back to you. Make sure to use positive reinforcement to tell your dog when they’re doing a good job.

Taking a walk is one of the best ways to stay mindful of the present moment so you can enjoy every minute of the walk with your dog. Keeping your bag of treats close by will remind your dog to focus on you, allowing the walk to go more smoothly. It can also teach your dog to look forward to fun times in the rain.

Dogs with owner in the rain.

4. Portable Water Bowl

Dogs and humans both get thirsty when completing any physical activity. The water outside could contain bacteria that might make your dog sick, so teach your dog to avoid drinking out of puddles and other standing water.

Have a collapsible bowl on hand with some clean water to help your pup whenever they get thirsty. That way, you can ensure they stay safe and healthy without taking a chance by drinking out of a murky puddle. 

5. A Positive Attitude

One of the most important things you can bring with you on a rainy day walk is an optimistic outlook. While you may not love the rain, adopting a positive attitude can improve your situation.

Consider all the positives walking can bring you. Just going on regular walks can help you improve your physical health by losing weight and decreasing joint pain. Think of the walk less as a chore and more as an opportunity to spend more time with your dog. With a different outlook, you’ll likely have a better time with your pup.

Make Time to Enjoy the Rain

According to Statista, around 69 million households in the U.S. own a dog, meaning most of those people probably understand that sometimes they must sacrifice their own wants for their dog’s needs. You need to take your dog out on walks, so you should do what you can to make the best of it — even if the rain seems daunting.

Taking these essentials with you on a rainy day dog walk can keep you and your dog safe and help improve the quality of your time together. When you get home, you can always dry off and snuggle up on the couch to enjoy the weather from the comfort of your living room!

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