Game Day Fashion

By Ashley Hargrove – September 3, 2013
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Football season is back, which means pre-game tailgating! There are hundreds of articles about how to host a tailgate party—what to bring, the food to eat, how to set up—but what about when you are a guest?  Is there a dress code? While not all are still living in the days of football jerseys and college T-shirts, sporting your team spirit is an important part of any tailgating party.  Focus on the three “Cs” of tailgating:  Cute, Comfortable, and Casual. Men, that includes you, too!

The wonderful thing about tailgating is that, to a certain extent, you can practically wear anything you want. Most people attending aren't focusing too closely on a fellow tailgater's wardrobe. Ladies, here are some helpful tips on how to be casual and comfy, yet stylish, while hanging out with your fellow football fans.

A few years back, it was almost impossible for a lady to find any women-specific game-day gear. Spirit wear was predominantly sold for men, so women were forced to wear boxy men's clothing that didn't properly fit their body type. Thankfully, that has changed and women finally have cute and fitting attire to sport at the game. Here are two great collections for football fans:  Lauren Polt, an Austinite, created Chicka-D women's and kids’ collegiate game day wear, and actress Alyssa Milano designed one of the most popular women's NFL clothing collections currently sold. So, if you are the laid back type, pair jeans with a cute jersey or opt for a comfy dress that supports your favorite team. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of the home team or rival—show your school spirit!

Capital Tailgaters cook, Mike Thames, shows Drew what he's BBQing for the day.Men are the easiest to dress when it comes to game-day style. Select a pair of comfortable jeans or shorts to combine with a jersey and you are ready to go. The NFL Shop is the most popular spot to purchase jerseys online, as they have every single option you could possibly ask for. They even have cute, comfortable, and casual clothes for your little ones.

TG-0009-editTG-0020-editDepending on the tailgate location, think about the heat. If you’re going to be in the grass under trees, keep in mind that low heels work better with uneven surfaces. Cowboy boots are always a popular footwear option in Texas. Out in a parking lot?  Consider a hat to help with the sun, remember some sunscreen, and choose breathable fabrics. The great thing about spirit wear is it tends to be made of athletic material that breathes and wicks away sweat. Some fabrics, such as linen, can quickly get soaked through in the Texas sun; some colors (white, for instance), become more transparent as you perspire, so weigh the sweat factor as you consider outfit choices.

Most athletic stores, such as Academy and Dick's Sporting Goods, and college bookstores, like the University Co-op, offer trendy clothing to make your game-day even more stylish. If you’re not one who cares about the game and are tailgating simply to enjoy friends and have fun, opt to wear neutral colors; black, grey, or white may do the trick.

Whatever your team or reason for hanging out, don't fret if you are still having a tough time with your tailgate outfit choice. Remember, you are there to have fun while enjoying some football. A pre-game tailgate party with friends is probably one of the most easy-going places you could possible be!



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