2013 car2go Marathon Relay Q&A

By Advertisers – September 1, 2013

The latest Austin fitness event, the 2013 car2go Marathon Relay, featuring the Whole Foods Market Loop, is right around the corner. Runners are teaming up for this extraordinary charity run to show their support for two incredible Austin nonprofits. I CANcer is one such team currently in training and looking forward to crossing the finish line on September 22 at Auditorium Shores.

Who’s your 5?

Matt Cotcher, Jen Harney, Mark Heerensperger, Alex Luna, Ashley Harman & Ashley Green

What is your team name?

Team I CANcer

Why are you taking part in the Marathon Relay?

The relay is such a unique race than typical races. Plus, there’s the team aspect. This is a race that we look forward to every year.

Is this for fun or are you guys looking to beat time?

Our plan is to be “Fun, but competitive.” In other words, we aren’t trying to win the race, but don’t want to come in last either. Half of our team is in the middle of training for Fall marathons. We’ll be tired, but the adrenaline will carry us.

What is one thing that you want Austin to know about your team?

Our team captain is a brain tumor survivor—we’re running in the spirit of the I CANcer campaign. The campaign’s fundamental premise is finding the motivation and empowerment in the physical and emotional challenges of having a brain tumor. As patients and survivors find and explore this empowerment, it in turn acts as inspiration to caregivers, families and others, despite whether they are directly affected by a brain tumor or not.

Regardless of whether a patient is running a marathon or using a walker to get down the hospital hallway, the important aspect is the power and freedom that results from meeting the physical and emotional challenges of the task.

Which one of your team members do you think will have the fastest time?

It’ll come down to a battle between Mark and Alex.

For more information on the 2013 car2go Marathon Relay and the Whole Foods Market Loop, please visit www.marathonrelay.com.


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