Fit Finds: Say Aaaaah

By AFM – September 3, 2013

Promote a happy, healthy body by giving yourself the spa treatment at home. Here are some Fit Finds selections that will help you make the mind/body connection in a positively pleasant fashion.

Numi Organic Tea: World of Tea Collection, $30
Available October 2013 at, and select Costco stores
Take a tea break with one of these nine different flavors of delicious, organic, non-GMO and fair-trade-certified teas. You can visit Italy, England, India, Brazil, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Morocco, or Egypt, depending on your mood, and the entire set is stored in a beautiful handcrafted bamboo box.

AuraCacia Shower Tablets (Relaxing Lavender), $7
Available at and Austin-area H-E-B stores
Don’t have a bathtub? That shouldn’t stop you from a relaxing aromatherapy session. These effervescent essential oil tablets are simply placed on the floor of your shower (preferably under the water stream) in order to fill the air with the delightful aroma of lavender, which is widely used for relaxation.

NightCare Heel Treatment Kit, $25 (Leopard print sock)
Available at
Working out can be hard on your feet. Baby yourself while you repair dry, cracked heels by applying the Intensive Healing Foot Cream and then slipping on the Moisturizing Gel Heel Sock—then, put your feet up and enjoy the latest issue of Austin Fit Magazine while mineral oil, urea, and beneficial A, D, and E vitamins soak into those callouses.

Hubalou Hair Wrap with Pouch, $35 (shown in Petal)
Available at
This Austin-based product is made from sustainable bamboo and designed to be absorbent and gentle on your hair, reducing breakage and frizz from heat drying. Simply wash, wrap, and leave on until time to style; for an added treat, apply leave-in conditioner before wrapping. The water-resistant travel pouch means you can take it to the gym and those swim workouts, too.

Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy & Stress Relief, $15
Available in stores nationwide and on
Let go of stress, injuries, and pain with the newest DVD from renowned yoga guru Rodney Yee, which focuses on the growing trend of restorative yoga. Suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced yogi, Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief includes three 20-minute gentle yoga practices designed to energize, de-stress both body and mind, and bring calm energy and focus into your everyday life.

Daily Greatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body & Mind, $47
Available at
As Dr. Tim Zeddies explains this month, it’s important to take care of your mind in order to foster your best athletic performance. Take a few moments to reflect with this inspiring journal, designed especially for women, which combines a goal planner, 12-week fitness plan, food and exercise journal, practices for overcoming self-sabotage, and motivational tips. Caution! Expect massive body-mind transformations from using this beautifully designed and illustrated journal.

photo by Brian Fitzsimmons
Clean and pamper your skin with these luxurious lotions and potions.

The Body Shop, $9-$19
Available at and their Austin-area locations
The Tea Tree Collection includes Skin Clearing Facial Wash ($11) and Lotion ($9). This fragrant cleanser and lotion use tea tree oil, which helps skin problems with its natural cleansing, purifying, and antibacterial properties. Follow with yummy smelling Mango Butter ($19), which provides 24-hour hydration for very dry skin.

Boots Botanics, $8-$9
Available at and Target stores nationwide
Bring the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, London, to your home through these skincare products infused with rosemary. Give some extra care to your face with the Complexion Refining Clay Mask ($9), protect and clarify with the lines’ Toning Lotion ($8); and end by hydrating and soothing with the Day Moisture Lotion ($9), which includes an SPF 12 sunscreen.

Libeco Belgian Linen Exfoliating Bath Towel, $82 (in Flax)
Abyss Pousada Hand Towel, $30, Bath Towel, $110, and B Saxxy Resort Wear, $69
Available at Wildflower Organics, 908 North Lamar,
This exfoliating linen bath towel by Libeco will improve your skin texture and can absorb up to 20 percent of its weight in water, making it very ecological (there’s also a non-exfoliating version for those who prefer a softer touch).

Transform your bath into a classic European spa with these waffle weave towels made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton by Abyss. Waffle weave is popular in spas because the texture is both stimulating to skin and super absorbent.

After that relaxing bath or shower, you just want to slip into something comfy. The B Saxxy all-in-one, soft pima cotton garment (it can be worn as a dress or skirt, and converts into a bag) was designed as an alternative to the spa robe and is made in the United States. One size fits all, choice of long or short length.

Diana Warner Studio Bracelets, $49
Barre3 Studios (two Austin-area locations, 12800 Hill Country Boulevard and 115 Sandra Muraida Way) and
Remind yourself to take care of your mind and body with these bracelets from artist and jewelry designer Diana Warner. You can find “balance” and “boundless” in barre3 locations here in town and a variety of other styles, including custom bracelets, online.


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