Let’s Get Mental!

By admin – September 24, 2012

Let's Get Mental

That doesn’t sound like a very catchy song title, does it? In 1981, Olivia Newton-John came out with a hit song called (Let’s Get) Physical, but she never got around to our version. How come? The original song was designed to motivate people to get fit and work on their self-image while becoming healthier adults. A lot has happened since 1981, and people are not getting fit just for health reasons. They are getting fit in order to become more competitive, more successful athletes, and they want to improve their fitness while also participating in timed events. Adults are often too busy and lacking in motivation to attend classes offered at a gym, and so they require a challenge. The health craze that started back in the ’80s has transformed into serious training for performance gains as folks are looking more and more at how they perform in these events, while letting improved fitness become the side effect and not the main focus.


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