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By Taylor Freetage – October 1, 2016
photography by Weston Carls; performed by Taylor Freetage

Do each exercise one at a time until each has been completed four times.

Uphill Lunge with Glute Kickback

[1] Start with a split lunge.

[2] Back leg should almost touch the floor.

[3] Push up with your front leg.

[4] Shift your weight forward and kick up with your back leg squeezing your glutes.

[5] Perform 10–12 per leg.

Tip: Focus on pushing through the front heel and squeezing the glute at the top.

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Single Leg Tricep Dip

[1] Sit at the end of any stable surface.

[2] Grab the edge and suspend both arms behind you.

[3] Extend both legs straight out in front of you.

[4] Elevate one leg to a 45-degree angle.

[5] The leg on the ground should still be straight.

[6] Bend your arms and slower your body to the ground until your elbows are at 90 degrees.

[7] Push down with your arms back up to the starting position.

[8] Complete 10 dips, then switch legs. 

Tip: Resist straightening your arms at the top and make sure they are only slightly bent.

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Plank Toe Touch

[1] Start in Plank position. Reach your right hand back to touch your left foot, while lifting the hips.

[2] Return to plank position.

[3] Repeat on opposite side.

[4] Perform 10 oblique crunches on each side.

Tip: Hold the crunch for two seconds to fully engage the obliques.

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Burpee with Jump Squat 

[1] Drop down into a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you.

[2] Kick your feet back and lower yourself to a push-up position.

[3] Jump your feet back to the squat position while pushing up with your arms.

[4] Stop half way to the top in a squat position.

[5] Jump to the top and land back in the squat position.

Tip: When returning to the squat position from the jump, shift your weight to your heels.

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