2015 Fall Shoe Review

By Cregg Weinmann, Running Shoe Reviewer for the Running Network, LLC – October 1, 2015

People make the shoes you run in. There are people who design them, people who develop them, people who assemble them, and people who sell them. 

We’re the people who get an early look, take the opportunity to test, and then review the shoes that eventually make their way to the stores that sell them to you. We thank you for your trust, and we hope that our efforts are valuable to you. The process of developing the content for our shoe reviews involves a lot of running, meetings, running, phone calls, running, emails, running, research, running, travel, running, writing, and finally, running. If it seems as if there’s a theme about running, you can rest assured that first and foremost, running shoes are about running. 

There are improvements in the materials we’re seeing in these shoes, as well as some new approaches, new patents, and the adoption of new practices. What results is a tremendous amount of parity among many of the brands. Because there are so many good shoes, it’s more important than ever to find the shoes that work best for you. I’m frequently asked, “Who makes the best running shoes?” I can honestly say that there are some shoes from each of the brands that work for me. That said, there are some that fit and work better than others, and just like you, I’m always looking for the shoes that work best for me. We’ve said it many times before, and it remains true: Use this guide as a starting point, then try to make your first stop a running specialty store to find the best running shoes for you.



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