What’s in Ross Bennett’s Bag?

By AFM – October 3, 2013

During our photo shoot with fashion designer Ross Bennett, AFM had the opportunity to peek inside the messenger bag this avid cyclist carries with him in his travels around town.  As you might expect, the bag was not only attractive; it was extremely functional—and there was no mess to be found within.  Each item was meticulously placed in its particular carrier (again, wonderfully designed) and at the ready.  It’s not surprising that Bennett’s bags of choice are those that he himself has designed in partnership with Blue Avocado, all part of his 2013 Men’s Collection for the American Designer.  Bennett said on his blog, “[Blue Avocado] stands by designing covetable and sustainable products that we can use at home, work, and for play.  We are thrilled to have been asked to form part of a company that represents a broad range of stylish eco-consumer products for the entire family.”  In addition to being stylish, each bag is made with the goal of minimizing environmental impact—between 3-35 plastic bottles are used in each product’s manufacturing.

Here’s what Ross Bennett had to say about what’s in his bag:
When getting around from meeting to meeting by bike around the city, it’s important that I have functionality and style without excess.
1. I never leave home without my MacBook, which is always kept in my Ross Bennett for Blue Avocado Laptop sleeve.  This is my life in a 10″ piece of technology, and I never leave home without it.

2. Another crucial item that I always carry is my iPad, which is for those times when I am somewhere without access to Wi-Fi and I need to answer emails, take photos, and record client measurements.  And (as you can see) it always rides with me in its Ross Bennett for Blue Avocado eReader sleeve.

3. Peddling around town, I always wear my RBC Perf gloves.   Every time I get on the bike, it’s imperative that I keep my “tools” safe from blisters and the elements.  Without my hands, I cannot work, so I keep them protected in an all-leather perforated glove from my line.

4. My lock and key are also very important; I am always on the move, and being able to lock up anywhere (and safely) is key.  I spend 90 percent of my day riding all over town—the rest of the day, I’m in my studio, actually sewing and working.

5. Dress and Suit contracts also are always in my bag.  When I meet a client for a custom piece, it is important that they know what our process is and how we currently do business.

6. iPhone chargers are extremely important!  When on the bike, I listen to my favorite Pandora stations, and I need to make sure my lifelines are always charged.

7. My Mont Blanc pen:  Every big exec or designer has his or her “special” pen that is used to sign documents and conduct business.  This is the pen I always carry and use.

8. Like anyone else, I always have to make sure I have the means to pay for things, identification, and business cards, and so I carry a Coach wallet.

9. My silver tin:  This is a special scented cream that I use to moisturize my hands when needed in order to make sure they stay soft and smooth.  Again, my hands are my tools, and it’s important that I treat them well.

10. Sometimes, when I get off the bike, my cycling hat is just full of sweat and nasty, so I keep this hat (my Maven Fly Hat, from another one of the companies I work for and partially own) as an alternate.  It’ll keep me looking fresh—and why not support my brands whenever possible?  I’m not going to design something I don’t like!


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