Survival Mode

By AFM – October 3, 2013

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or just the end of the world as we know it, you’ll need the right gear to survive.  AFM has pulled together a few items with the assistance of the knowledgeable staff at Backwoods to get you started on your doomsday preparations (or just have a great time out in the woods).


1. Tilley Nylamtium Airflo Hat – $79
You’ll want to protect yourself from the elements.  The Tilley hat has been around for 15 years now, and its lightweight design, which provides breathability and great ventilation, makes it a consumer favorite.  This hat in particular is made from a water-and-mildew-resistant nylon known as Tilley Nylamtium, so it repels rain and floats in water.  Worried about durability?  The hat comes with a lifetime guarantee and insurance against loss.

2. SeatoSummit Coolmax Adaptor Sleeping Bag Liner – $44.95
The Coolmax Adaptor Liner is made of a moisture management fabric and is specifically designed to adapt to humid or warm temperatures.  The product’s stretchy fabric ensures you never feel constricted within the liner, and its light weight (9.5 ounces) makes it easy to bring along with you on any type of outdoor excursion.

3. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp 100 lumens – $49.95
The Black Diamond Storm headlamp provides up to 100 lumens of bright and reliable light for whatever situation you may encounter.  It is fully waterproof and provides various proximity, distance, and strobe modes for any and all conditions.  It also comes in four different colors, including a very vibrant orange—just in time for Halloween and Texas football season.

4. The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket – $149
The North Face’s Apex Bionic jacket is one of the brand’s best sellers for a number of reasons.  The jacket was made with TNF ClimateBlock fabric, so it is both waterproof and windproof, yet surprisingly breathable.  The jacket’s soft shell also helps keep you warm and wind-chill free while still remaining stretchy and comfortable.  The product is available for both men and women and comes in over a dozen different colors.

5. Prana Stretch II Zion Pant – $75
Prana Stretch Zion pant is the perfect travel pant for any and all occasions, from a family fishing trip to outdoor hiking excursion to clubbing zombies.  Its special four-way stretch fabric dries quickly and helps resists abrasions.  Prana also offers the pant in a variety of colors so you can choose to blend in with the forest brush or just pick your favorite color.

6. Patagonia Drifter AC GTX Shoes – $165
The perfect combination of comfort and functionality, the Patagonia Drifter A/C GTX shoes are made to perform in any sport or weather condition.  Patagonia guarantees that the shoe is both waterproof and breathable, thanks to the GORE-TEX Performance Comfort footwear technology.  The product is also environmentally conscious, and made partly of recycled materials.

7. Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter Water Filtration System (Backcountry Series) – $79.95
Clean drinking water is no longer a worry with the Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter, which is designed to filter fresh and salt water .  The AntiClog Hiker Pro MicroFilter Cartridge meets EPA standards, removing bacteria and any other microorganisms the water may contain. When full, the filter holds up to 200 gallons of water and hangs easily from virtually anywhere.

8. GoalZero Rock Out Speakers – $39.99
Whether you’re carving pumpkins with family or on the run from zombies, you might want a little music to lighten up the mood.  That’s where the Goal Zero Rock Out speakers comes in.  They’re portable, so you can have your favorite music amplified anywhere.  Plus, the speakers’ charge lasts up to 24 hours, so it’s perfect for that one-night camping trip or whatever your Halloween plans may be.

9. Smith Optics Showdown Polarized TLT Optics – $169
Smith Optics puts its own twist on the classic aviator frame with the Showdown Polarized Optics.  Don’t let the sunglasses’ fragile-looking appearance fool you, as the stainless-steel framing makes them durable, light, and comfortable.  The sunglasses are available in seven different shades, each with polarized lenses.

10. Sabercut Chain Saw Cutting Tool – $29.95
Build your base camp with ease!  The Sabercut Chain Saw Cutting Tool is among the best of its kind because its design keeps practicality at the forefront.  Instead of handles found with other survival chainsaws, the cutting tool has loops at the ends of each chainsaw-type blade; when your hands get tired, you can wrap the loops around your wrists to utilize your arm strength.  The Sabercut Chain Saw’s more traditional-style chainsaw blade also makes the cutting edges easier to sharpen and comes with a compact, handy pouch for portability.

11. Solio Bolt Battery Pack + Solar Charger – $70
The Solio Bolt battery pack and solar charger is a must-have item when it comes to apocalypse-induced power outages.  It can charge any USB-powered gadget, including smart phones and cameras.  The Bolt battery pack itself can be charged anywhere there is sunlight and can hold charge for up to a year.

12. Marmo Twilight 2-Person Tent – $269
Remember that time the zipper of your tent got stuck open and you woke up the next morning snuggling with a brain-eating corpse?  Well, the Marmo Twilight 2-Person Tent has snag-free zipper flaps so history will never repeat itself.  The light-reflective points on the tent also ensure that you can always find base camp safely at night.

13. Sterling Marathon Rope Pro STD 10.1mm (50 meters) – $169.95
Though climbing can be adventurous, safety is still very important; a good rope that is both functional and durable is a must, and the Marathon Pro 10.1mm Rope provides both qualities in a sleek and light form.  The product comes in four different colors, including a fun, bright green.

14. Osprey Men’s Volt 75 – $199
You may be on the run, but nobody deserves the back pain and struggle that comes with toting a lumpy, uncomfortable, and unreliable hiking backpack.  Remember that time your old one leaked water on your bum?  That should never happen again—and with the Osprey Volt 75, it never will.  The external hydration sleeve makes refilling easy and prevents pack contents from spilling. Compression straps on the sides and within the pack ensure stability, and the torso adjustment option helps provide the perfect fit.

15. Bison Designs X-Stream Survival Pod – $25
This compact survival key fob is the avid adventurer’s go-to tool.  It may look like a simple keychain but it actually contains over 15 survival tools within it, making every outdoor challenge manageable.

These items can be found at Backwoods (12921 Hill Country Boulevard, Bee Cave, TX) in the Hill Country Galleria.


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