News Shopper Proposal

By Contributor – October 3, 2013

My name is Debbie Allen – email address is
I’ve got a great idea for the News Shopper Blog. Three ideas, in fact. Here are three ideas I think would work well for your audience:
Tips To Help You Choose The Freshest Produce – This post will offer helpful tips when choosing fruits – we’ve all seen thumping and smelling at the market but how do you really know if the produce is fresh – read this article to find out….
Simple Ways To Prevent Acne – No one wants to deal with acne – and prescription medications can cost a fortune – this post offers some simple solutions/remedies.
Travel Packing Strategies: How To Pack More In Less Space – This post will offer information about ways to pack all your essentials without taking up a lot of space – innovative packing strategies and other tips will be included.
I could turn any of these blog posts around quickly. I’ll provide this free of charge, I just ask for a small link in return.
I am a full-time, professional writer based in KY with dozens of blogs to my credit. Here’s a sample of my work:
If you can get this live by Nov. 11, I’ll also promote the post to my 5,000+ followers on Twitter, which means more traffic and the chance for my post to go viral.
Let me know which idea(s) you’re interested in, and I’ll get started!
P.S. Check out our Managed Blog Program, which will help your blog grow even faster. It’s a value of $499/month, for free!


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