Feeding My Fiance: Staying Fit on the Road to Marriage

By erica@austinfitmagazine.com – October 3, 2013

This blog was inspired by taco salad. (Kidding.)

Transitioning from my sweet, single life in Austin, Texas, to living with a man for the first time ever, has been quite the adventure (for many reasons, but for now I’ll focus on food). I was raised by my mom and grandmother, and, news flash! Men eat more than women!

As a single lady, grocery shopping was easy:  I would buy some fruit, popcorn, wine, and maybe some chicken at the grocery store, if I was feeling adventurous. So, when I moved in with my fiance in May, there were bound to be some…surprises. He was very confused by all the fruit in his fridge. He politely pointed out, “All you buy is fruit!”

Taco Salad (photo by Erica Harpold)

Taco Salad (photo by Erica Harpold)

Frankly, it was true. I was not buying groceries that would make meals for two throughout the week. Suddenly, my $7 bag of grapes was gone in a day; it used to last a week. One of my wise, married-with-children, friends suggested I start buying the produce that’s on sale. I also realized I needed to start buying more than just two chicken breasts—those were gone in one sitting. So, even though the $15 pack of six chicken breasts seemed pricey, it was totally worth it!

On Sunday, I had a shopping triumph: I spent $70 at Central Market and got plenty of food for both of us for the week. Lots of veggies, some fruit, six chicken breasts, ground turkey, and other various snacks. That was the least amount I’ve spent and the most amount of food I’ve bought since I moved in. It’s still a learning process, and, with the sixth-month countdown to our wedding officially underway, it’s time to get serious!

I’ll be sharing my experience with you as I learn to cook for two, better prepare our meals, and adjust our workouts to fit our busy, wedding-planning, co-habitating schedules. See you next time!


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