Don’t be a Halloweenie

By Ashley Hargrove – October 3, 2013

Halloween, like most holidays, will sneak right up on adults, if we let it. Children, however, are always up for trick or treating, and finding the right costume is a big part of this night for most kids. Your children may not understand that you might not have much money to spend on parties or costumes, or that you actually totally forgot to plan your own costume. They expect you to be raring to go on Halloween night. Don’t worry, parents and baby sitters. Here are some costume ideas, created with ordinary items right from your very own closet, that won’t break the bank or take up too much of your precious time.

Take a look at our three models, shown center: Casey, Leslie, and baby Cannon. Casey and Leslie wanted to achieve a dark, vampire look for themselves but, being new parents of a 4-month-old, money and time were a major concern. Thankfully, most of the items they are wearing came right out of their closets and were then topped off with a few purchased items. The one person who has a store-bought costume is baby Cannon, who is dressed adorably as a tiger.

What They’re Wearing
Casey selected a pair of black jeans, a black button down, and a pair of black shoes from his closet and Leslie opted for a black maxi dress that she paired with comfy, black leather flats. Next, they paid a visit to the Bazaar, a local boutique and costume shop, to put the finishing touches on their outfits. With the additions of a cape and a black wig, the adults were ready to go.

Here are some other creative costumes you can fashion from your very own closets:

All you need for this Steve Urkel-inspired design are a plaid shirt, suspenders, a calculator, pens, a bow tie, and some old glasses with white tape wrapped around the center. Most of these items can be found in your local thrift store. Make sure your pants are high waters.

Athlete and Sports Fanatic
This look works for parents AND kids! Parents: Just throw on a pair of tennies and your favorite workout clothes, and you are instantly transformed! If you really want to get sport specific, choose your favorite team jersey, apply some face paint, and carry appropriate equipment. Are your little ones involved in athletics? Pull out their uniforms, add some face paint or mimic a favorite athlete’s hairstyle. You all have cool, economical costumes.

For that bad-to-the-bone look, wear all of the leather you own. Black pants, bandana, boots, and anything with fringe will nail the biker look. Add some temporary tattoos to take it up another notch; there are a variety of amazing and inexpensive temporary tattoos online, if you are willing to do a little preplanning.

This is perhaps one of the simplest costumes available. Get white pants and a white shirt, cut up a sheet to wrap yourself in, and you are ready to go. Or, just wrap yourself in strips of toilet paper (and hope it doesn’t rain).

It doesn’t take much to rock this look: Find your most conservative suit, add a rep tie, and make a campaign poster. If you’re feeling fancy, have a print shop professionally create your campaign materials. Be sure to shake hands and kiss any babies you see while out.

Could it get any easier than this Halloween classic? Cut two holes in a sheet for your eyes, and you’re done.

Where’s Waldo
Want to blend in with the crowd? All you need are a pair of dark pants, a red-and-white striped shirt, red hat, and big glasses.

Brawny Man
Capture the rugged look with a pair of jeans, brown boots, a brown belt, a red plaid shirt, and a roll of your favorite Brawny Paper Towels. Make sure you’ve got a little facial hair to really have that authentic Brawny look. FYI: Skip the urge to make this a Lumberjack look by leaving the ax at home, especially if you are bound for Austin’s 6th Street party atmosphere.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a great time on Halloween. Just open up your closets and get creative!


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