Blast Off with Powerful Legs

By Diane Vives – October 31, 2012

Here is a circuit that is a surefire way to build overall work capacity (more work in less time) and a stronger, more enduring lower body. It’s a great complement to any type of training you may be doing currently and can be used as a metabolic “booster” for your overall program. It can even be a measuring tool to see where your current overall conditioning level is over time by experiencing how each phase of the circuit becomes easier or harder. What does increasing this kind of work capacity mean to you? Well, if you are running, it means better strength endurance, which boosts running performance. If you are targeting weight loss, the more work you can do in less time allows you to accomplish more within a training session, again boosting energy expenditure. Furthermore, if you are a busy person or one who travels often, this can be a great tool for getting some strength and conditioning with no equipment needed.


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