November ’20 Workout of the Month: Castle Hill Fitness

By Sponsored: Castle Hill Fitness – November 1, 2020
Brian Fitzsimmons

Looking to lift more than turkey drumsticks this Thanksgiving? Castle Hill Fitness trainer, Tony George, has created a full-body strength workout with minimal equipment that can be done at the gym or easily completed at home this holiday season.


We are starting with core because we will be utilizing our core throughout the duration of the workout. The stronger the core — the stronger you’ll become in the exercises.

2 x 1 min. Toe Touches (Upper abs)

Lay on your back with your feet straight up in the air. Extend your arms straight. Reach for the toes, lifting shoulders off the ground. Inhale while coming up and exhale coming back down to the starting position.

2 x 30 seconds Flutter Kicks and Scissors (Lower abs)

For this exercise, lay on your back and make sure your lower back is pressed against the mat.

2 x 1 minute Side Plank with Hip Drop + Raise (Obliques & Transverse Abs)

Get in the side plank position. Keep the hips stacked and square to the wall in front of you. Lower the hips, lower than they would be in a side plank. Then, raise the hips higher than they normally are in a side plank. Inhale as you go down. Coming back up, exhale and tighten the core as you raise the hips.

2 x 30 seconds Superman + 30 seconds Superman holds

Laying on your stomach, arms and legs extend out as if you are flying. Simultaneously, raise your chest and quads off of the ground. Don’t forget to squeeze the glutes!


2 x 10 DB Narrow Stance Squats (Entire leg muscle)

Focus on quads during this movement. Slightly elevate your heels.

2 x 10 DB Side Lunges (Inner & outer thighs, Glutes)

Be sure toes are pointed forward. Push your hips to the back and embrace the stretch on the leg that is straight.

2 x 15 DB Romanian Deadlifts (Erector spinae, Hamstrings)

Stand tall with good posture. Bring the shoulders back and chest out. Hinge at hips before bending your knees. Lower the dumbbells until your back is parallel to the ground. Pause for a moment and then come back up. Return to the starting position as you exhale and tighten the core and squeeze the glutes.


2 x 10 Single Arm + Both Arms DB Chest Press

Lower one DB at a time, then both dumbbells at the same time for each rep. 

2 x 15 DB Chest Flys

Bring your pinkies together to the starting position. As the dumbbells are lowered, rotate your wrist so the palms of the hand are now facing the ceiling. As the dumbbells are being raised, rotate your wrist back to the starting position. Pinkies together!


2 x 10 Overhand Wide Elbow DB Bent over Rows

Be sure to keep elbows wide for this movement. Squeeze the shoulder blades as the elbows are brought as far back as possible.

2 x 15 Single Arm DB Bent over Rows

Keep your elbow close to the rib cage. Squeeze and pause when the elbow reaches its highest point.


2 x 10 Seated DB Shoulder Press

Keep elbows wide for this movement. In order to protect the shoulder capsule, be sure to stop at 90 degrees.

2 x 15 Reverse DB Flys

Keep the arms as straight as possible and make sure your torso is parallel to the ground during this movement. Imagine the DBs are as far away from the body as possible.

2 x 15 Lateral DB Raises

Standing tall with good posture, raise the dumbbells to the side until your arms are parallel to the ground. Imagine the DBs are as far away from the body as possible. Return to start position.


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